We Think We Are Red or Blue Pill But We’re Not. We’re ALL Blue and Celebrity is the Chemist.

Up until I few days ago I thought I had taken the red pill as a child.

By stepping away from conformity and questioning faith etc….I red pilled years ago when in fact I took the blue.

By going against tradition and allowing my fragile teenage mind to be fed non conformity I gave them exactly what they wanted and conformed.

I was proud to be a Feminist, then I saw actually men mattered more than I thought then all of a sudden there is an agenda of putting men up against women. Now there is literally and figuratively a war going on in the words and science of biology.

The very fabric of genetics, biology and chemistry as we know it is now being called into question.

And it’s exactly what they wanted.

This is all orchestrated and people need to spit the red pill out and vomit the blue pill up and see this for what it is, black versus white, good versus evil, light versus dark.

I’m a blue pill who thought she was a red pill and now I’m nothing at all because all I see is white now.

Blinding white light…..truth is light.

And it’s devastating.

I’m devastated that I thought I knew do much, that I’d figured it out but I just handed myself to then the more I thought I was fighting the system the more I bought into it.

The control is everywhere people. Not just pop stars and movie stars, politicians, business etc…..the control is in everything else too, weight and diet, health, fashion and beauty, biker gangs, drug cartels……all orchestrated, manipulated, segregated and categorized so they know where you are and who your with.

The divide and conquer theory is the core fundamentals of their ethos.

If you call yours a left, right, sjw, thot, bloop or bleep your still a blue pill taker.

I need to stop saying in an Anarchist.

I’m Light. I see only light from now on. White can be whatever I want it to be. It’s a clean slate, a blank canvas for which I am the artist and my life fundamentals will be based on whatever I learn to develop along the way.

I believe in evolution of theory. Evolution abd Intuition is my guide at this point.

Because I used to love Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Jack Nicholson, Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, John Travolta, etc….and now I really REALLY don’t.

Leonardo Da Vinci, he was in on it, Nostradamus, Katherine Bathory, all part of the conspiracy. Da Vinci with his UFO painting. I Fucking believed him. But who better to teach people about alien invasion than someone who invented flying machine design.

If anyone is going to know about flying craft it’s the man who invents it.

The gay thing is a huge theme. Once people embrace gay, they’ll embrace cannibalism, pedophilia, genetic cloning, etc….if we’re all gay…..

Then it’s around the age of 5 we begin to realise it. Milo said Sex with men as a developing young boy isn’t so bad because it’s their way of discovering if they’re REALLY gay or not.

Milo on the Joys of Young Boys Having Sexual Relationships with Older Men (UNEDITED VIDEO)

So…..what better way to help develop and nurture a young man or womans sexuality than to start when they’re first discovering it?

Some people are born gay but some are created gay.

The secret is hidden in plain sight so people will know the secret is obviously true. Like John Travolta, Liberace, Kevin Spacey etc….

I don’t trust anyone now in Hollywood or any form of celebrity.

Keanu Reeves is about it for me now.

Their Oracle’s saw all of this coming, they were prepared for every outcome up until 2012. Now it’s coming down.

They trusted the wrong white haired man.

The only one I can think of who has still got his integrity in take.

WWE, NFL, you follow a team, you have a hero, etc….yes your on the fringe but your a contained, conformed box.

We have to see without walls or your never going to see beyond the veil.

Don’t take any pill. Just help each other figure it out together.

We need to learn as we go. Let your compass be your guide.

But be prepared for truth. Because when it hits you it’s going to hit hard.

They want us as one. Divide, conquer, destroy, thin out the herd and your celebrities and heroes are the overseers.

If Richard Dawkins says eating humans is fine then he must know what he’s talking about right?

If someone like Stephen Hawking says Aliens are a threat then it must be true right? Stephen Hawking knows better than anyone.

Benjamin Franklin was a man of the people right? Even though he single handedly started the war in my opinion. He only has America’s best interest at heart…..right? Even though King George said “let them have independence, just don’t stop trade”.

They made up the whole “He’s mad thing” to start a war, they wanted a war so they could get in and control everything under the guise of freedom.

The poor King was thrown to the wolves. He gave the world its first public library, botanical gardens and observatory in the UK I believe and he’s laughed at and called mad to this day but his people actually really loved him.

Gossip is a bitch. Tabloid style stuff is feeding the mindless the 7 deadly sins.

The Kardashians are about to get thrown to the slaughter.

They’re going to be made an example of. All the parasites that clung to them like the B C and S what’s his face, J thingy the real estate dude and the rest of them are going to get starved of supply and turn like zombies to all consume each other.

The Kardashians are overseers and I’m telling you here and now Vampira was in on that murder.

OJ was the sacrifice not the wife. He knew about it. But he didn’t do it.

A HUGE sports scandal is coming in basketball too. I keep seeing red, white and blue.

It’s all coming down and a death is coming that blows the lid off every coloured pill bottle and go organic. Let your opinions fall where they may but always with the opinion that it could change depending on what you learn.

Don’t live in a box, don’t label yourself. Be a sneeze that has nothing to hit to stop it from.gking forward forever and ever at terminal velocity.

I see that Mother going in to a court house.

Divide and conquer. It’s in everything. Branding, teams, music, fashion, night clubs, genres……..they encourage genres. It’s categorized.

Live a life without categories people. Just BE WHO YOU ARE WHATEVER THAT MAY BE AT THE TIME.


Why can’t a business man from Japan wear heels with his suit? Why can’t a biker write beautiful sonnet’s? Why can’t a Queen work on construction? Why can’t a fat chick be fat?

Just stop expecting everyone to be something they aren’t when you don’t even award yourself the same favour.

Just live by these simple rules.

Give respect where you get it.

Always do everything for the right reasons.

As long as no-one gets hurt be whatever you want to be.

Don’t let anyone tell me how to be me.

Always give to others if you can afford to give.

My kids come first.

Always be honest, the truth is hard to hear, but even if your truth hurts me I’ll always appreciate it more than a lie but I’ll award you the same respect.

We don’t need to get along or agree but be civil, be respectful by being honest. People always deserve the truth. It sets you free.

Never take more from this earth than you need. What you do take, appreciate the effort, protect it, honour it’s sacrifice and ensure its given your utmost respect. And put back what you take. Always put back what you take.

If you chop a tree plant one in return. If you kill a cow grow another in its place.

Just live for you and make the story up as you go.

I’m going to make a million mistakes but it’s all part of my journey.

That Amy Schumer is getting named for something too. Sexual harassment or something gay related I think.

There’s this image I have of her on a screen doing standup on stage in black leather (and fat squeezing out like something by boy pushed through a hole in the playdoh icre cream factory maker) and a big hand comes and smears her image like the image was actually just drawn on the screen and not coming through the screen like it normally wood.

But imagine you took your hand and smeared the top of a ornate cakes icing. Imagine what that would look like. A white cake, black icing, smeared to the right. All mashed but dwindling in run the lighter the pressure of your hand as you light your hand off the cake.

So either it’s a smear campaign, or it’s to do with being fake, false or misleading.

Anyway, it will prove my point. That it’s all controlled. They’re trying to appease you so you’ll stop looking deeper.

They want to feed you as many red pills as you can swallow so they can hide the blue pill inside it.

You can’t have blue without red after all.

Just….please, watch what they feed you in all of this.

The blue pill is hidden everywhere.

Look at those they encourage society to seek to destroy or ignore for truth from not the ones given the platform for it.

Peterson, Seaman, Assange, Shapiro, Snowdon, those risking everything for truth.

The forming of gangs, the drug states, Drugs Are Bad Mkay, Guns Are Bad, Mkay…..all done to keep you away from the truth.

The last thing they want is stoned people with guns getting woke.

Well a lot if celebrities are about to get knocked unconscious awoke with truth.

I could name so many faces I see.

Bruce Willis

Mick Jagger

David Bowie

Jack Nicholson

Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston

Meryl Streep

Oprah Winfrey

Damon Hurst

The Jackson Dad

Most mainstream bands

Beauty Pageants

Serial Killers

Spice Girls “Girl Power”


Music Production etc…they all mingle, breed and oversee together.

Models married to this music producer, actresses marrying this actor, this singer with this dancer, if they’re powerhouse they’re masters to Overseers.

The ones the less famous of the FAMOUS bow down to.

Jack The Ripper was The Royal Family body dumper. A Dr I believe who cut them up to make them look like a serial killer did it but it was the Illuminati.

The letters were to throw people off the trail of the royal household.

That murder in the room where she’s in bits on the bed was a ritual.

They had sex with those organs. It’s a ritual the kids told me about.

Having intercourse with exposed organs is apart of their ritual.

The Black Dahlia is another example. The Hill Side Stranglers.

But these are willing participants.

They WANT to kill. Because then they get a status in hell reserved only for them. THEY were chosen to be the bad guys and it’s an honour. That’s why they don’t ever speak out.

They create psychopathy. Hookers, teenagers, mental incapable people etc… having kids, being born addicted, poor, with illnesses etc….so the kids are raised disadvantagee then they’re easier to mould.

Some people should NOT be parents.

There are some horrible disgusting mother’s out there. Pure evil. Children are so precious and we just treat them like a fashion accessory or toy or inconvenience.

They’re so precious and no-one listens.

Well I’m listening and they’re talking loud and clear.

If we allow ourselves to insist our kids fit in, or fit a category that suits us more than them, if we continue to ignore their pain we’re all fucked.

Because they’re all killing themselves to be heard.

And your forcing ideals into them that shouldn’t be there. It’s brainwashing minds that haven’t even started to live yet.

The baby stage is the conception and infancy is orientation training of the larva or pupa stage so to speak. The child stage is The caterpillar stage, the preteen stage is hibernation in the cocoon, teenage state is becoming the and emerging the butterfly, adulthood is BEING the butterfly.

The brainwashing or indoctrination begins the minute we buy them the toys from the show, feed them vaccinations, feed them artificial sweetener, school, popstars, idol worship, banging that square peg into a round hole.

When we’re supposed to just let them discover on their own with us giving them guidance so that when they go spread their wings they’re prepared but fully capable.

But we don’t. So now we have Millennials. Who’s gonna look after you when your old if the next generation are dead or not having as many kids?

Not all gay couples want kids, not all gay people can have them.

Population dwindles, but wait…..we can make babies in laboratories so we just need DNA.


Science isn’t always done by good guys for good reasons or for good outcomes with big tits like me ya know lol

If we play Blob…..if we allow these people alcontrol our biology it’s game over.

Nothing we do or say will matter.

We will not survive. With Crypto currency, biometrics, cryogenics, genetics and cloning the way it is, one click of a button and they can just shut you down. You will just get erased. No-one will know you.

You will become nothing. If you don’t believe me, go up to every person who is homeless and ask them what they did before they were in the streets.

Not as many will be runaways like you’d think.

They’re bankers, engineers, carpenters who had good businesses, former millionaires, former celebrities.

I know….I speak to them. They can’t even stay in a hotel because they don’t have I.D with a home address on it. How degrading is that?

These people helped mould your country. The back bone of society. Not all of them deserve to be there.

Zuckerberg does….. Kardashian does. The Greedy, the mean, the selfish do.

But the homeless are just the first step.

How many have had wages issues where the banks disallowed access?

I know tons of people it happened to.

It’s the start of the collapse.

Ask yourself this. Can you prove your money is in that bank?

If you were to all remove it as cash could you get it at a minutes notice?

Why do you trust numbers on a screen to dictate your financial worth when you have no proof your wealth even exists?

The bank can just take it all back and there’s nothing you can do.

Without a residence you can’t get ID and without ID you can’t even book into a hotel for dignity.

All the more reason to take your kids then too because your useless to everyone.

Not even worthy of a warm bed to sleep on. Sleeping under a bush like a raccoon.

Just…… get ready.

Scandals are about to shatter your reality of celebrity.

Take no pill.

Go organic instead.

It will save your life and your sanity.


That’s 6

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