Your Handbook: Understanding Spirits, Ghosts, Demons and The Dead In A Nutshell.

1) If your being touched in your sleep. Say thank you. Because that’s your Spirit Elder, the guardian to your soul, resorting to any means necessary to wake you up. To wake up before your Spirit is in the body is fatal. And they just saved your life.

2) When it’s negative, aggressive, loud or terrifying it is YOU creating it. Not the dead. The dead actually only make up 5% of real hauntings or activity. The rest is just you making your depression or repression a reality.

3) It is in the belief that a demon or negative Spirit exist that makes them real. Change your perspective, change how you see death forever.

5) Poltergeist activity and possession both demonic and spirit are nothing more than psychological warfare between the conscious and a broken subconscious mind.

6) When you hear a noise, or see anything out of the ordinary moving and your hair stands on end don’t ask “Who?” Ask “What”….as in “What has been going on in my/his/her life that it’s manifested into poltergeist or negative energy. The hair standing on end is static electricity. The FIRST indicator it’s telekinetic build up.

7) Telekinesis is based on emotion. It’s emotional energy manifested and Telepathy increases memory.

8) The Dead cannot touch you, they just make you think your being touched. Telepathy is the Deads preferred method of communication as it saves energy for all parties concerned.

9) The Dead only ever have our best interest at heart.

10) Clicking sounds in the air is the build up of statistic energy. Something is about to move, or the dead are about to manifest. Kinetic energy is essential for manipulation of time. For the dead to step in and out of it to manifest or communicate requires a lot of energy so they need as much as possible without draining the person they want to appear to. That’s why they prefer to just talk telepathically. Make you think your hearing things etc…if it’s getting to the point of clicking in the air it’s building up to happen.

11) Clicking is build up for the manipulation of energy but Light is build up for the manipulation of time.

12) You choose when your born and when you die and everything in between.

13) God……is Atoms…… without Atoms nothing gets created ergo Atoms are God and conscious evolution is down to the participation or symbiosis of all particles involved. Front end of a sneeze or back end of a comet?

14) Death is nothing more than energy returning to it’s original state. Conscious Atomic Energy that can be seen, felt and interacted with. You just need to tune in.

15) Each person’s vibration is unique to the person themselves like a finger print or DNA. You’ll know who the Spirit is the second they connect before so much of a word has been spoken or sight seen because of this fact.

16) Everything about you as a human is unique. No carbon copy. Even twins energy is different. It’s done so you can stand out as the unique atom you are so you can stand out in time so when you connect with the living regardless of your system of existence you can be identified to the individual and collective energy around you.

If you’ve ever heard anyone say “She lights up a room when she walks in”.

“You knew he meant business”.

“He scares me and I don’t know why”

“Everybody knew she was something special just by looking at her”.

That’s ones individual energy standing out. Death is no different. You just have to read it on a higher frequency. But when you do, it’s called Time travel because that’s where our dead live. In time. ALL time. Our memories connect us quicker than lightening. Its why the first thing I do with my students is exercise their pineal gland.

And if it isn’t exercised regularly you lose the ability to connect.

My tuning techniques are perfect.

But requires need not want.

17) Regardless of who you are or what you do, if you abuse the privilege the gift will be removed. Even me. It is a gift not a right. Gifts are given only to those who deserve the privilege.

18) You can be an arsehole like me and still be Spiritual. Good people have to be dicks sometimes because they’re around too many arseholes and sometimes those arseholes need a bollocking. Pathwalker does NOT mean Footpath.