These Spirits Are Turning Black

These Spirits in my home are turning into black smokey wisps which means one of two things.

They’re getting ready to leave or they’re not getting enough energy to manifest more of them.

I still feel them, but seeing them is harder.

There us something going on with electricity around my room.

My phone electrocutes me. It pulsates in my hand and it burns in short bursts.

But it’s gone deadly quiet even though I know they’re there.

It’s like there’s a build up of a mass exodus or mass gathering.

Whatever it is it’s a strength in numbers thing.

I can feel the electricity going down my arms and legs as we speak.

My mouth feels weird. Like it’s been scraped and then I’ve put a tiny amount of salt on the scrape. It burns but it’s not painful yet.

I feel restless. The children aren’t manifesting anymore.

They’re just black wisps or corner of the eye.

One stood by my bed last night.

Either they’re all getting ready to leave together or they’re getting ready to bring more to me.

Blob I hope it’s the corner not the latter.

I’m exhausted from all of this. It’s been over 2 decades for me.

Im scared they have worse to show me because what they have shown so far has been horrendous.