Damn!!! They’re good. Over and Over I’m being proven right by what these murdered kids are telling me.

Believe me now? These missing kids are some of what your eating.

That Findus tainted Lasagne microwave meals scandal we had in the UK was on purpose. Planting the seed. They were a big seller. People liked them. That kind of data excites them.

Now Richard Dawkins is the Overseer. Trust me people, I’m a well respected expert. It’s fine.

BUT… we know from the study they did in cannibals in Papua New Guinea if you eat the brain you’ll get a mad cow style brain diseases.

IE: Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, mixed with other things I’ve been observing I think I have a theory about strengthening the brain for such sufferers.

BUT as I told you they’re controlling our food. Get away from processed food people. But local, buy organic. Avoid tap water. Buy water sources from springs.

Carbonated to drink. I fuckin told you. These kids really are in my home.

Your Eating Aborted Babies As Part Of Their Occult Practice. TOLD YOU!!