Remember Haute De La Garenne or Dunblane Massacre? Jimmy Saville too?

The British have been dealing with the Pedophile ring and abuses cover up for years. But it’s all part of PizzaGate.

Jimmy Savile Boss Found To Be Behind Pizzagate Cover-up

Jimmy Savile, Ice Cream, Pizza and Chicken

Also please remember Jimmy Saville knew Peter Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper.

One of “his” victims bodies was found outside Saville flat.

I blame police sex ring for conspiracy of silence over the Dunblane massacre

Why has Saville and Crowley’s houses burned down or been destroyed?

There are billions of places where bad things happened to innocent people that have stood for centuries but to tear down a £350,000 apartment because of 1 assault is a bit extreme.

No-one asks why.

It’s ALL connected.