The Occult and Paranormal World’s You Know Are A Lie

I am here as the last bastion of truth for the dead it seems and I’m so tired.

My 45yrs on earth have been hard. So hard. The lessons I’ve learned, the mistakes I’ve made and the things I’ve observed in my life are the reason I am what I am today.

I’ve earned my badge. I’ve earned my gift. I’ve finally found my purpose and it only took a few dozen life times and a shit ton of heart ache and fear to master.

I’m pretty sure I just graduated.

I’m not perfect. People mostly piss me off. I really don’t like being around them. Because no-one gets me. I’m annoying to some, hated by others, people think I’m nuts, people think I’m fake, people think I’m after their men, people think I’m confusing, odd, opinionated, shitty, grumpy and not afraid to make a fool of myself.

I’m uneducated, I really don’t know anything except how to write what I think and how to observe the world around me. I’m distrusting of everyone now. It’s nothing personal but life taught me a valuable lesson about trust as I was growing up and the only thing I trust is what I know.

And when it comes to death I will argue any person of Science or Spiritual practice to the ground on what I know.

I’m very good at what I do. Death is my Bitch. End of.

But why is everyone suddenly psychic? Why is everyone sensitive or Empath? Why is the Occult suddenly the flavour of the month when clearly I’ve explained to you how it works.

I trust me Dead beyond measure. Unlike the living they aren’t fake about their intentions and they don’t bother me unless they have to and I will drop everything to deal with them. People expect so much for us who see and we’re expected to be everything to the client except human.

Why do I have to wear white? I Fuckin hate white. I feel dirty in it.

Why can’t I call a client a selfish cunt?

Why does being Spiritual mean perfection?

People have this perception of death and the paranormal that is as far from reality as you can get. Why is that?

It’s almost like movies and TV feed the mythology that demons are real, Satin and Blob do battle in some between land and the dead come back in many forms.

Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens, Bram Stoker etc………an open mind is easily impressed.

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve offered to cross Spirits over at famous haunted locations and been turned away.

Why is that? Why wouldn’t someone want peace for these so called tortured souls they convince the world are real?

Unless they aren’t. Unless TV and movies are selling a myth.

But why would they want people afraid of the dark? Afraid of abandoned buildings?

Why keep them out of “so haunted they need protecting” buildings?

I’ve trawled hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of shows clips, footage, found footage, unexplaineds, most haunteds, home footage, caught on camera, and CCTV stuff since before YouTube was a sperm in its Dad’s balls and I’ve come up with this statistic.

95% of all paranormal activity falls into the category of fake, or misunderstood either kinetic energy or hysteria and lack of understanding. Easily explained the instant I look at it.

That leaves 5%

Of that 5%, 4% is explained as a time or energy anomaly.

Like a time bend or trapped energy.

1% is actually the dead coming to break the barrier of time and energy to communicate in a physical or energy based way.

And they’re either connected to you by birth or bloodlines or they’re needing help.

Either way if you have a 1% they’re there for a good reason so pay them the respect they deserve and talk back.

Movies like The Amityville Horror, Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen, Dawn of The Dead, Poltergeist, Most Haunted, YouTube (everyone is trying to get them hits and Paranormal is the new black).

It’s gotten to the point where I’m actually very rude to people now who come and do the whole ‘Oh your a psychic? I’m a gifted myself…I’m a Rainbow Wiccan High Priestess of Water Chi but I’m also an orbital, energy or auric colourist Empath. But I also do Tarot and Reiki. -_-

I want to stab myself in the eye just so the pain will distract me from dealing with it.

But the spell works better the more there are taking part.

Nobody wants to hear the truth about what the paranormal is.

It’s not sexy. Can you imagine sitting around your campfire and someone saying ‘it was a dark scary night and the babysitter had out the kids to bed and she felt a strange breeze up her leg….her heart pounding fast because she heard some knocking…. suddenly without warning a door slams and the picture flies off the wall……when the babysitter suddenly realised she was stressed out about her exam and school and Mum and Dad have been fighting again so she just gets her pendulum to calm herself down and everything settles down again after a week of good rest, talking to her parents or someone she trusts to vent to”.

The end…….I have been offered shows. I was asked years ago to make a demo for Sky 1. A pitch to go up against Most Haunted…..but they all keep asking me to lie to make things look good if nothing happens.

I say no and walk away every time.

I’d rather look like an honest twat than a lying asshole.

But remember this…….why are the buildings no go areas in the prisons, hospitals and asylums? Why perpetuate a myth?

It’s almost like it’s designed to keep people away and not looking too closely.

Why won’t they let people like me going in there?

Where is the money in the attraction?

Where is the tourist dollar? The book and movie industry eat it all up. Documentaries written, people interviewed.

The Waverly Sanitarium for example.

A lot in West Virginia.

But think about all the ones that had children in them.

Disabled, sick, mentally challenged, orphaned, forgotten.

Why we’re the houses involved in serial killer murders burned to the ground?

Long story short….they want you to think the Paranormal is more than it actually is.

The paranormal is all aspects of death. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological aspects of death.

It’s physics, psychology, theology, philosophy, metaphysics.

It’s knowing the balance and understanding the frequency.

It’s not dead people rattling chains, waiting around for people to turn up in abandoned locations or at night so they can go “Boo”.

It’s insulting of EVERYTHING your and my ancestors are to demean them to category of “entertainment for a uneducated mind”.

Death is real. Death is pain. Death is fear for most. When you go to these places they feel horrible for a reason.

Because bad things took place there to innocent people.

So clear the frequency so it can all be smoothed out so time can continue and not bump all the time.

But they cart these people onstage to read for the desperate, hopeful and non expectant alike.

Most of which are getting caught cheating.

Why would you put yourself out like that?

My fear of getting it wrong for people made me want to make sure I understood it all so I could teach them rather than tell them.

Then they get their own connection and don’t ever need to pay someone to get it wrong again.

But herein lay the question.

Why is it only 6 people out of thousands I’ve tested have made it past the card test?

Why is the “Learn to be psychic in 3 months for £120” booked out with Rainbow Lily but I keep letting mine go?

Why aren’t people being encouraged to know the truth?

I’ve had civilians argue until they’re blue in the face that they witnessed a ghost.

When you try to explain it they won’t hear it.

Why is it easier to believe a dead person comes back as a zombie of smoke rather than believe it’s stress related?

Get enough people out there perpetuating the myth they makeite money and they get to trigger your fear when it’s needed.

Keep you walking with your head down long enough eventually you stop feeling the need to look around where you might see the strings is why.

On my show when I get it going, I’m going to go through all these famous clips and debunk them all.

I’m going to go to places where I’m invited to fix it and I’ll fix it.

As it should be.

Why do all these psychics and mediums on these shows go to these places yet none get crossed over? If they do why does the activity come back with most?

Because they’re not real, misunderstood, or they aren’t dealing with actual dead people and don’t know how to deal with what they’re actually dealing with.

But crossing Spirits over and changing energies frequency can’t be done without pure intent.

The intent must be pure. The dead know if your being truthful or not.

They rely on it. Truth is Light, light is evolution.

If they don’t trust you they won’t cross over. If they don’t trust you it’s a reflection on you or those in the home not them.

Just because anyone can do this doesn’t mean everyone should.

It takes a certain type of person.

An Empath. One who knows vibration because they are vibration.

99.9% of the psychics, mediums or Empaths out there wouldn’t know the first thing about vibration.

If they did they wouldn’t keep telling people portals are a thing.

My show will do it all

But it’s why I dissociate with others in my industry.

I have integrity. I’d rather scrape a living writing and teaching what’s in my head than be a gazillionaire having sold my soul.

Fake haunted locations, look at the history of each. Ask why?

Why would they want people fearing death and the paranormal?

How far the deception.

How many movies are made in Hollywood?

How many horror, paranormal movie and TV shows are made by people now under investigation?

I’d like to point out there are a lot of people who were unwittingly involved. Not everyone is guilty.

But when it comes to death no-one knows it better than I.

Just remember this.

All thehe WORLD is a stage

And all the players are actors.

But think also movies like Gremlins, E.T, Close Encounters, Poltergeist, Rosemary’s Baby……who or what do they have in common?

And also the “cursed” set, actresses sacrificed…. especially the blondes.

They like blonde haired blue eyed.

Like Madeline McCann.

Read James Herbert’s “The Others”

Movies, TV, the Paranormal lie…..


I can’t wait to get my own show.

I’m gonna shake this shit down once and for all.

That’s 5