Each Target Group Has An Overseer

I have to be careful what I say here.

Think music for now ok.

The Girl Next Door

The One with Attitude

The Sweet Slut

The Whore

The Rebel

The Queen

The Weirdo

The Chunky one

The Serious Song Writer

The Ego

The Is She/Isn’t She

Is He/Isn’t He

Came Out Of Nowhere.

Any TV show or movie or video where the men dress as women and women as men.

It’s a humiliation ritual. If they can get innocent lost souls joining in, it spreads the strength of the spell through the frequency of the music.

Remember it like this. When it comes to the occult this is what you need to remember.

Coven means “gathering”

Casting means to “mould, manipulate and send out” like casting……couch for example.

Recite, Incantate means to “sing, or repeat either vocally or in movement”.

Sacrifice doesn’t just mean with life. It can mean reputation. You sacrifice your reputation to gain more fame.

They seem to ‘Rise from the ashes like a phoenix’.

Remember those words? They’re important. Because they are the Come Back kings and Queens who come back stronger than ever because they bow down to the Master.

They’ll shave their heads, mark their body, tattoos, piercings….dress as men and women, doing humiliation rituals for viewing pleasure.

But not for our viewing pleasure.

For The Masters.

The Overseers are the ones who set the spell in place. They place the thought in the mind of the children they’re set to be the heroes of.

Through the frequency of the music.

Notice there is no

Smart one?

Because they’re over in the heavy metal and classical section.

The ones who just like that they get to make music for people who love to listen to it.

A singer sings whatever they’re told to until they’re told to stop.

A musician/song writer like any Empath does it until they’re dead because to not do it is death anyway.

It’s just in who they are.

But they’re doing a “Look….If I can be a freak” a whore, a brat, gay, drag, etc…you can too. And it places confusion into the mind of the children who knows EXACTLY what they are even on a basic genetic level.

Then you have a society of confused children who don’t know what it is socially acceptable to be anymore because clearly them being them isn’t good enough….so they act out.

Get diagnosed with things like ADHD or Bi Polar, or are depressed and put on drugs or they take their own drugs for pharmacologically induced respite to escape the confusion.

You have representatives on TV. The 3 biggest being Black, Gay, Trans.

Risen from the ashes. Hope to millions.

Who would make the next best president?

A TV guy worked last time.

Maybe it will again next time but make him a she, or black, or drag even.

I am a huge HUGE supporter of the LGBT community. I’m so very proud of their strength and bravery.

I have my favourites. But only if they’re genuine.

Not all that glitters is Fish.

Not all who are Gay….are.

They need to add brown to the rainbow because they’re being lied to and it’s muddying the beautiful rainbow with darkness.

The Stonewall riots can’t have been for nothing.

They experimented on the gay community. It was called AIDS and HIV.

The LGBT has suffered enough with the lies.

Look to the ones who died “recently”.

Ask why….who killed them and why.

6 female pop stars are about to fall faster than a comet.

Shame comes for TV land.

Talk show hosts……the Clinton connection.

When your child learns the song, learns the moves, buys the products, dresses and acts like and has the posters on the wall…..

That’s the ritual being recited back in hommage to the Overseer and Master. The Overseer gets the fame the Master the power.

Then if they’re good they get slaves.

Fame dangled over them…..red carpet, talked about never quite as famous as the overseer…… they’ll appear beside them as “collaborator’s, friends, lover, best friends, entourage” but always together but the slave never quite as famous.

And when you take a selfie with a pout or take a selfie or video imagery of you re enacting your overseer?

You cast their spell on you. It is set.

Your controlled but the most powerful spell is the one received willingly.

The biggest mistake these devil worshippers make are they cast a spell for all not the individuals and they take.

Satanists only take what is offered. It’s a sadomasochistic thing for them. It’s an absolute turn on for them to have someone lust for them so much they offer their blood, hair, nails, saliva, sperm etc….taking a life is counter productive.

You send the victim to ultimate highest status. The Universe immediately shuts down and recycled once a light reaches the light.

It’s the way of the universe to recycle when the balance is tipped.


These fools…..if they want power…. they’re going about it the wrong way but that’s probably their magic only lasted a couple of thousand years and mine has lasted since we walked on two feet and saw the sun and moon rise and set.

But I know that with great power comes great responsabiirurly as my boy would say.

I’m totally responsabiirurly.

You can be nuts, dirty minded and dark but still be Spiritual and good.

You just need to know the balance.

Balance in frequency form is called rhythm.

Balance in paranormal terms is called the craft.

I am the master of my own.

I am an Anarchist which means in “without a slave master”

Do you understand why I’ve been one since I was 11/12 now?

When you are born studying your craft, when you are raised with parents who encourage your to know you gift, when your culture embraces the planet, when you allow yourself to get distracted at the indoctrination camps called school, when you listen to your heart, hear the voices and talk back to them asking them questions…..you figure shit out pretty fuckin quick”.

Still think I’m dumb?

I was born observing for a reason.

Those files in my fucked up brain contain critical information.

I told you from day one…. I’M DOING THIS FOR THE CHILDREN!!

I’m not just talking about the dead or victims of the Illuminati.

I’m talking about ALL the children.

I hope like fuck some of you have been smart enough to read between the lines over the last 5yrs.

My dead have blown my mind.

I never saw this coming until I did now I can’t stop.

I never thought it would be my fight.

But it is.

Do you see now why I need a social media career? Why I need to get on these shows and get it out there what I know?

Why I’m so protective of children, veterans, soldiers, ex felons, men?

Do you see who I’m protecting with my dead?

Do you understand why now?

Suddenly my life makes sense.

I figured my purpose.

Why I’m so protective of who and what I am. Because of who I’m doing it for.

Now I’ve gotta go get famous…. I’ve got work to do.

That’s 4