Aliens: The Greatest Mind Control Experiment Of All

They are real. Don’t get me wrong.

They just aren’t like any of you think.

The ones who are real aren’t human in genetic structure or form.

They don’t need physical bodies unless they want to be seen.

But if they’re seen in high populated areas, in the distance, have coloured lights, saucer or tubular shaped, if they do experiments on abductees, if they peep in your window but don’t interact, if they speak a language or assimilate……your being fooled.

Firstly, if they’re going to make contact they’re not coming all that way to “peep” through a window.

It’s all in the frequency. Project Blue Beam…… frequency of the light.

Do they want you hearing voices like a radio in your head? Plant suggestions in your dreams or have you think your in contact with the dead, or aliens?

Why are so many people suddenly hearing voices?

Why depression is so wide spread…why people are afraid to sleep?

If you wake up with headaches or don’t dream your safe.

Mind control isn’t just in the lyrics. Frequency people…..hums…….droning frequency……. frequency CAN be conscious. You just need the right one.

Alpha Beta Delta for the Psychic Sciences.

These things can’t be created in a lab, the frequency needs to have an organic source or it doesn’t work.

It only works if it evolves itself to work organically.

Laboratories are causing descension.

It’s getting out of control because people are choosing to switch off.

Just beware the CIRCLES

Beware the sightings.

They’re getting desperate but it’s been planned for a while.

Plan B

They are going to throw the one who IS here to the slaughter.

But they’ve been clocked.

Telepathy is their undoing

They shall sacrifice themselves to gain redemption.

They are terrified. They are desperate and they’ll take some of the Controllers down with them.

But at least then…they go home and get to start with light.

Just don’t assume everything you will find out soon comes from people.

The voices are good if you know how to tune the bad ones out.

Just shut the left brain down and no matter what they do….they’re fucked.

We all have places that omit strange pulses and frequencies in the mountains, hills, desert, ocean floor, and ground……

Now you know why

Project Blue Beam

And they’re gearing up for full disclosure.

But it’s a lie.

Its all a lie.

We are NOT under threat.

You are NOT being watched.

You are NOT being abducted

You are NOT being experimented on……

At least by Aliens anyway

The B52s knew.

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