Please read the narrative below in the videos.

Remember these mentions in conjunction to my other articles.

Roman Polanski, who’s wife was killed by Charles Manson while she was pregnant and who is a pedophile.

Remember music video mentions.

Remember the celebrities mentioned and the decorations.

Remember what is said about the gay sex. (Remember what I said in my last article about the Gay experiments in the 40/50s)

Remember that Jane Mansfield was a student of Anton LaVey and Alister Crowley was the creator of all their practices. She was sacrificed just like Marilyn. JFK wasn’t innocent….he just wasn’t as bad at trying to be good at it.

Now know this. Alistair Crowley owned the house across the road from MY ancestral family cemetery.

Boleskin Cemetery, Inverness, Scotland is a Fraser of Lovat cemetery. It’s on the Dark Side of Loch Ness.

My Mum has a bench there.

Boleskine Burial Ground

Any surprise that his house recently burned down?

Starting to see the importance of what I am now?

Mansfield died….why? Fred and Rosemary West dead why? Ian Brady and Myra Hindley dead….why? The Krays, Jimmy Saville………they should all still be alive with the exception of Saville. Saville was friends with the Royals, the Royals are friends with The Rothschild’s.

Jill Dando, Natalie Woods death, Princess Grace Kelly, Diana, and the Dunblane massacre…….ALL CONNECTED

Yorkshire Ripper next. He knew Saville, Saville knew the Krays. The Krays were gay who got boys for politicians, judges and Hollywood.

Look at who they knew.


The movie Birdcage……

ALL CONNECTED I’m telling you.

I knows my shit