The Illuminati in Hollywood

Look at the people in this one.

The supporters of the Me Too movement. Look at WHO they are.

Remember Thier faces.

Remember I said you’d see finger pointing to deflect guilt.

Remember I said ages ago “Gary Coleman”…..Todd Bridges was his Co Star in Different Strokes.

Some of these celebrities are traffickers.

The thing about Oprah you need to remember is this.





Rise of the ashes story

Appealed to the masses

Wheeled Out To Say “he’s wrong, this is wrong, stand up women, black people, I can be trusted I’m just like you”.

Finger pointing

Associated with the accused.

They’ve been preparing get for presidency since birth.

They take from the poor.

They have their favourites.

The favourites get hugely famous.

And she owns a girls school in Africa.

Oprah Winfrey is about to suffer a HUGE fall from grace.

There are three huge female celebrities of the three key appeals for triggering who are about to be named and shamed in undeniable ways.

Lambs to the slaughter.

What a beautiful man Michael Jackson was. A victim himself.

Before he was killed because he was about to speak out, like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Brittany Murphy.

We have to protect Corey Feldman now. More than ever.

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