Look How Talented My Student Is.

This is part of his therapy. His Empath training is helping his manic depression using training techniques I developed using Metaphysics.

It’s not just art, it’s music, cooking, writing, etc …tuning in the Empaths frequencies to find their balance.

It is helping no end. He hasn’t had any bouts in over 6 months. He is even enjoying cooking.

This coming from a man who got spaghetti sauce on the ceiling and cheese on the clock on the wall BEHIND where was cooking lol

He once set his thighs on fire making cheese in toast. Lol he’s the only reason I’ve had to use a fire extinguisher. THREE TIMES!!….

He was diagnosed with manic depression in 2007. He tested genius. He’d have these brain ticks when he was stressed.

Every day I expected a police officer to come say they found his body.

He’s my first Student. And now this is what he does to heal. This is Life Beyond/Beyond Life.

Therapy and Empath Training to help people cope with depression and empathic abilities.

And The Non Profit where I’m going to re-home homeless veterans, men and ex felons in housing we employ them to develop.

I have the best job in the world and here’s why.

This is the real one.

This is my ex’s concept art.

Took 1hr

I love my job so much.

I’m so proud of what I do.

Finally I found my purpose in life with my gift and my mind.

Finally I found where I belong.

Now I just need to get there.