Gay Hip Hop Industry EXPOSED!

This one is in conjunction with my article about Pop Stars being used to brain was impressionable teenagers.

But it’s rappers.

Brain washing has a frequency that is triggered in a pre teen by the type of music they pump out.

So for preteens it’s Pop, Teenagers it’s edgier but safe pop rock like your Avril Lavignes and Blink 182 etc…safe but rebellious enough to still control while letting them think they’re not being controlled.

There is that frequency they play outside shops to stop teenagers from loitering outside that can only be heard by teenagers.

People with higher IQs listen to classical, heavy metal and punk or alternative. The fringe stuff.

I listened to Duran Duran as a preteen and teenager but also Talking Heads, Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, etc….

But now I remember why all of this started for me in 2016 with me having a memory of me watching RtR on TV getting ready to hit record on the video player.

Because I was being reminded that this is what they do. They play a frequency to preteens and teenagers that makes their minds easier to submit messages to.