Transgender: The Balance in Sexuality.

I deleted this because I thought it might be controversial but I think it’s an interesting thesis based on how I understand sexuality and the evolution of cells from the perspective of death, frequency and the consciousness of it all.

I myself am heterosexual. I’m addicted to men I think lol I love everything about the stinky childish little buggers. I’m more comfortable around men. They don’t pretend. When they accept you into their circle it’s the best feeling. Until I start getting yelled at for over feeding them and wanting to make sure they leave with a plate of something and are wrapped up warm when they leave.


They still come back though lol so I’m reposting this. Because I thinks it’s an interesting perspective and more than responsible if you know my Science of it all. ie Balance.

My observation on sexuality and why I think it’s normal to be Transgender (explicit content)