Your Eating Aborted Babies As Part Of Their Occult Practice. TOLD YOU!!

How many times am going to say “I told you so”. You either listen or you don’t but be it on your head. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

I’m not here to start anything. Just tick off the “Told you so’s”

If you don’t believe me now when I say the dead tell me stuff beyond ‘Granny with an Ms flowers or shoe or soup recipe’ message then your an idiot and your never going to listen so I’m done trying to convince you.

To everyone else, you know I’ll just keep ticking stuff off until they ALL come true and I can finally put an end to over 36yrs of terrifying and heart breaking premonitions.

Your Eating babies too. Citizen dogs, citizen burgers, pizza, etc….. remember my vision? I know you will because I know my fans and followers are diehard.

But the thing is you do so willingly, making their spell stronger.

What did I say in my post last week about how the Occult and Spells work?

Have you been paying attention?

See why my dead tuned my body to live in a Cavemen diet? Meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, nuts, some grains, water. That’s it. Organic, free range, antibiotic free. You’ve seen my post about losing 15.4stone.

The dead tuned my body into the planet to save me. Because I know the planet. It does that. It’s doing it to my students. My diet is more extreme but the others are finding the same thing happening to them but with different foods being removed from their diets.

When you tune in like I’m able to and teach to others, it changes EVERYTHING.

AND when you listen it changes your life forever.

List of companies using fetal cells from aborted babies to flavor. KNOWN TO SHARE!!!

My Dead’s Cannibal claims are true. Look…..


What’s the difference between The Illuminati and Devil Worship?

Beware the Circles

The little girl on the road (cannibals?????)

Cannibal Rituals???? Can anyone help?

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