Pop Stars Allowed Themselves To Influence “Millennials” Parasitemia for a NWO agenda.

As you will know if your a follower of mine I’m being taught physics in a way my brain can understand using music.

What I’ve discovered is when I let my intuition guide my music choice it helps me figure my visions and thoughts out.

I never argue with the music selection. I go with what I’m drawn to and guaranteed every time I hear it I begin to do some filing of the contents of my thoughts in the hopes of filing a lot of my theories away once I reach a definitive conclusion.

So I’ve listened to every genre almost except Opera.

The genre I hate the most is Pop.

There are no redeeming qualities to any pop music nowadays because it’s all over manufacturered, over hyped, repetitious, slutty nonsense and I point blank refuse to let my children listen to it.

But I started to notice a pattern with particular songs that have become clairvoyant in their ability to adequately predict and influence the behaviour of teenagers and preteens like it’s “planted” thought and suggestion to prepare as they grew up for what’s happening right now with Millennials and SJWS etc…

I’d like to give you some examples if I may.

Katy Perry = Roar

Katy Perry = I Kissed a Girl

Destiny’s Child = Survivor

Destiny’s Child = Bootylicious

Meaghan Trainor = All About The Bass

Meaghan Trainor = No

Meaghan Trainor = Me Too

Nicki Minaj = Any Song because she’s gross. I call her Sticky Minge

Ariana Grande = Bang Bang

Ariana Grande = Side to Side

Beyonce = Single Ladies

Kelis = Milkshake

Lady GaGa = Born This Way

Now….I could go on and on but I’m keeping it short for the sake of time.

But what I’ve noticed is these songs either raises the generation of Millennials to explore sexuality, promiscuous behaviour, fat acceptance or the degradation of men.

Feeding these kids a diet of

“Swallow his cum” = Milkshake

“Jerk him off” = Bang Bang

“Have sex all night” = Side to Side

“Question your sexuality” = Born this way and I kissed A Girl.

“Feminist Agenda” = Survivor, Single Ladies, No, Roar.

Rihanna = S&M (what parent thinks that’s an acceptable song for her key demographic?)

“Be fat and unhealthy” = All About The Bass.

I could go on but if you look at what they’re all about it’s seemingly likely to me that it’s systematic brainwashing of young impressionable minds of kids who are now demanding people call them Floop instead of the correct pronoun.

It’s almost like they were used as agents of the NWO agenda because it’s all the kids who listened to this bullshit are now running around telling people to shut up and stop talking because they’re Nazis trying to stop them from being the he/she/we/they/Floop/Glurp they now insist on being called.

Then let’s talk about the Occult side of it with Lady Gaga and all her videos. She recites some in her lyrics.

Katy Perry with Dark Horse, we all know the NWO love for all things Egyptian.

I’ll add more to this list but I’m telling you now, they used these Sex Pets or Party Favours to propagandise to impressionable minds so come the time they could use these very performers to go mainstream to show solidarity to Black people, LGBT, Fat, stupid kids they helped dumb down.

We’ve all seen then get involved.

Beyonce, the poor, destitute fallen on hard times performer talk out about Black Lives Matter.

GaGa and Perry about LGBT, and Trainor with being Fat and of course let’s not forget Ms Grande and her grown man bomber at a concert full if children who she felt so bad about she did another concert and wore a hotpants, basques and Playboy bunny style clothing at her Memorial Benefit Concert.

It’s almost like they were setting the traps then luring the kids in then setting them off against the world because they’re the constant reminder of how hard these kids lives were growing up listening to their songs.

Then when the timing was right they release the Celeb in question to the media masses and set this kids upon the world.

Males aren’t good enough, have better standards than a guy who asks you for your number in a club, obtain wealth and stability even at the cost of looking like a spoiled brat in Onesies. That Me Too disgusts me how she is telling kids they’re not awesome like her because she’s rich now.

Listen to these songs. Tell me they weren’t programming kids to be Millennials.

I’m a Scorpio. I live and breathe sex.

Every man to themselves really but when I hear a 8yr old girl singing a song about a guy fucking her so hard she’s walking funny I draw the line.

Milkshake is as bad, Bang Bang and Side to Side. Hand jobs (wrist icicle) blowjob (Milkshake) Anal and Masterbation (Bang Bang) Ménage et Tous (Minaj is short for Ménage et Tous or Threesomes) she actually says “if you want a Ménage I’ve got a tricycle”. Tri meaning 3.

Just my observation but think about it.

Listen to these songs and tell me these aren’t songs Millennials weren’t influenced by.

Can you think of others?

Let me know if you do.

It’s just MY observation. My Synopsis.

Am I wrong?

If your woke tell me I’m wrong.

Don’t get me started n movies too.

Twilight and Harry Potter being the worst thing to happen to the Occult and Craft EVER!!!

Oh here’s another one.

Little Mix = A.d.i.d.a.s (all day I dream about sex)

Little Mix = Black Magic

Pussy Cat Dolls = I don’t need a man

Pussy Cat Dolls = Buttons

Shania Twain = Man I Feel Like A Woman (her man was a music producer too)

Shania Twain = That Don’t Impress Me Much

Destiny’s Child = Independent Woman

16 thoughts on “Pop Stars Allowed Themselves To Influence “Millennials” Parasitemia for a NWO agenda.

  1. ‘sticky minge’- LOL.
    I do sometimes listen to new pop stuff but manage about ten seconds. I used to think it was because of the way new music is digitally compressed, ie- not analogue. It doesn’t have that ‘warm’ sound. It sounds flat
    I always feel worse after listening to it. Taylor swift is another one I’m not a fan of. Her stuff is quite angry for some reason. And I can’t stand ed sheeran.
    I’m sort of sticking to stuff from the 60s to the 80s. Apart from one or two bands.
    As it doesn’t stress me out.

    • Oh My Blob I HATE Taylor Swift, she’s such an arrogant, pucker faced looking asshole. Lol she instigated trouble making. Her fake fued with Perry and the Kardashians. They’re all at the same Spirit Cooking parties. Lol I do Spirit Cooking too. It’s me cooking beef in a bottle of gin and not putting any in the meat. Lol
      All these people we’re talking about are Illuminati Party Favours. I call them that because they all get shared around the same men in the industry. Any you see with many and the same partners in the industry are fuck whores or parry favours getting passed around. They’re bred for this. They’re all from strict religious families with parents having connections to the industry. The Jackson’s and Osmands, Beyonce, Houston etc….there are common connections. Houston’s a cousin to Dionne Warwick blah blah……..the ones they kill are the ones gone rogue. Britney was their clown, their puppet. She’d do dazzling things to distract the media while bad things took place behind white house doors. I just never realized how occultish these songs are. I sound so 1950s Christian moaning at Elvis swinging his hips lol but that’s how far back the indoctrination goes. Music is a powerful influencer and the ones they shove in your face are the watch they dangle in front of you to hypnotize and control you. However having said that, that’s why the internet is a blob send. Because with technology the way it is now people are able to produce masterpieces in their bedrooms and it’s forcing the shit music out of the charts. Heavy Metal when you listen to it is so political and socially aware in lyric and frequency so fierce for truth it’s of course got to be demonized. However it’s a proven fact people who listen to heavy metal have higher I.Qs, it’s such a beautiful frequency, so full….FULL of mathematics to me in my head. It’s like reading a newspaper in frequency lol sounds nuts but bear with me lol but if you listen to the lyrics they’re very intelligent journalists reporting on things like sex trafficking and the Illuminati. The slaughter of aboriginal peoples of their lands and injustice, honouring memorable battles that took place in our history. Compared to “hit me baby one more time” says the 16yr old school girl, then dressed in red leather with horns for hair telling some guy everything he did for her wasn’t enough for her to even acknowledge his act. It’s a systematic progressive hypnotic frequency they feed into your impressionable minds. Not just in age but in frequency. Some songs stick. They’re designed to. There’s a reason for that. Everyone has their frequency they stick to. Everyone has a favourite genre but I think that’s why I can see it now because I can jump frequency. I’m listening to more punk right now but new age like Talking Heads, Blondie, The Cure, but also Massive Attack, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, i love Hot Chip and also I’m rediscovering a love for punk. Dead Kennedys and Siouxie and the Banshees, The Cult…..and I love Reggae. I love Bob Marley so much. The ones they kill because they either go rogue, become non compliant or start to turn truther. Same goes for any celebrity death really. That’s not natural causes I mean.

    • Not a fan of Adele’s music but I like her as a person. It’s too whiny for me. Same with Coldsore (Coldplay) and UasWell (U2) Maroon Ford lol it’s all high pitched whining in my ear that makes me want to stab my own Brian’s out. But I like Adele as a human, I think she’s truly beautiful. Sheeran is Meh, but he’s an incredibly talented musician, songwriter and lyricist. I like Jane’s Blunt but not his music. But he has an incredible gift with people that is fascinating to watch. He is so intelligent, quick witted and personable. You know you could have a pint with him. My Dad always said “never trust a man who doesn’t drink or swear, because it means they have something to hide”. That’s why in my family when us girls bring a potential mate home the men take him for a drink. Big Men’s Things we call it in my family. It’s to get him drunk to see how he will react and how he’ll treat their girl because your honest drunk. Your true nature comes out. Your pain comes out. It’s a right of passage. And James Blunt reminds me of the guy who would not only past the test but have my men folk singing with guitars, totally owning the shed. (We drink in our sheds and garages away from the house).

      • Oh and btw, happy st Patrick’s Day. ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

      • From the Callaghan’s, Happy At Patrick’s Day to you. I am desperate to see where Grandad came from. His family were from Limberick, County Cork.

      • I’ll have a bowl of stew and a pint of Guinness for you and your clan. ❤️

      • There are so many places in Ireland I’d recommend you to visit..you should do a whistle stop drinking tour of the island. X
        Belfast, Fermanagh (obviously), Donegal, Derry, rathlin island, giants causeway, cork city, Sligo, etc. Xxxxx

      • I’d LOVE that. I can’t have gluten anymore. Beer is my favourite drink. It’s so not fair. If they do gluten free beer I’ll drink beer or gin……or tequila……so it’s not a total loss lol I’d still put a few pubs out of business lol

      • Well the pubs do need the money.. drink away!
        A lot of places now make their own gin, might be better than the supermarket stuff.
        The older and smellier a pub is, the better craic you’ll have. If you can hold your nose.
        Honestly bring back smoking indoors.
        Your husband needn’t worry, you’ll be grand with me. If you bring a guitar with you, even better. X

      • But my husband might not let me lol I get told off lol I’m naughty lol

      • Not in a bad way. I just love everyone and talk TO EVERYONE and they’re totally my new best friend. I give him a stroke because he’s expecting me to turn up in 8 bins spread across the state because I’m the girl who would totally go off to help the creepy man look for his lost dog lol like he thinks I’m 12 lol because I got to my age being an irresponsible drinker lol

      • Then you’d love Ireland. Chatting to people you don’t know is a national pastime. Even if it’s just talking shite about the weather. X

      • I’m sure everyone will want to talk to you in the pubs. It’s literally ( apart from the odd night) a few old regulars. Everything is closing at the minute. The pubs are dying in rural areas because no one can afford to drink out. Everyone seems to go to the offies for a carryout these days. X

      • Yeah don’t worry, hash bars will fix that. Things will change and communities will grow again. I can’t wait to drink in a pub with my kids.

      • I’m gonna call my pub when I get one The Happy Median or The Witches Brewery. I want to produce my own craft ales. Call it “Mama Beer” lol have a picture of a cute fat bear on it lol