Slavery: All Lives Matter

I’d like to say thank you personally to the people who made these videos.

It is so wonderfully refreshing to see people putting historical fact before colour. The fact these video makers of ALL colours and creeds recognise the sacrifices White, Asian, Hispanic slaves have made to our progress as humans is positive and progressive to say the least.

But for arguments sake Indentured Servitude is still slavery because it’s using the word “forced” in the terms and definition. To say they ONLY did forced labor for up to 20yrs is ignorance of what it means to be enslaved.

Whether you call it imprisonment, slavery, forced labor, indentured or not, if a man, woman or child isn’t being paid well and treated with the respect they deserve with health and well being being paramount AND is without expressed consent, it is slavery.

While it can’t be denied Africans had a brutal existence that can never be repeated African Americans would be the 15th richest race on earth if they were a nation.

Myth Busted: Black America Would Not Be the 15th Richest Country

Without consent for labor, it’s slavery.

Look at the Communist Death Camps like the one Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was in. The Gulags. They were there by force for innocent things.

Or Tenko, in WW2, or Stalingrad, Colditz, Auschwitz. Slavery doesn’t always mean labour but it’s mostly slave labour that built this planets railroad and road system.
So I reject anyone’s claims that the Irish didn’t have it as hard because in some states they were treated worse and it’s documented.

Slave Labour is still being worked without humane conditions where your benefit and well being are less of a concern and less productive than just replacing you.

But having said that I went to North Carolina to see my Bitches in April of 2017 and I went to a beautiful homestead where I crossed some Spirits over and some of them were slaves in the underground railroad.

I wrote about it here.

Slaves, The Hindenburg disaster and North Carolina

What I don’t mention is that before I sent these poor souls over to the light I asked the one who spoke on behalf of everyone what he thought of the Black Lives Matter movement.

And do you know what he said?

He said “Tell them to let us switch places”.

Makes you think aye?

Here is an interesting new look at slavery in New Zealand too.

It’s funny because Maori has slaves too. White ones at that.

But aside from all of this lets not forget modern day slavery.

If your wearing anything made from China, Bangladesh, India or Taiwan it was made my slave labour.

Walmart, anything plastic or electronic, gold, silver, sex, crystals, coal, Levi’s, Nike, Adidas, etc……all made my slaves.

So do Black lives REALLY matter more when they’re given more rights than most anyone else?

Because when is First Nations history month? When is Asian History Month? When is White History month? Hispanic or Jewish or Persian or Mediterranean History month?

Why does NO-ONE recognise this as being an issue?

It’s totally unacceptable that multimillionaire sports players are refusing to honour the flag that made them famous because they’re oppressed Black people.

If your so concerned about the plight of black people give the homeless ones a place to stay at your crib.

Black Africans have it a shit ton harder today than any modern day African American. Having said that many African nations seem to be slowly getting themselves together as are countries like India and Burma.

People are slowly turning to progress rather than protest.

Luckily for me I’m around really clever black people. One of my former students is fascinating to talk to. She soaks everything you say up like a sponge and I just think she’s beautiful.

She embraces her heritage so eloquently.

African American men and women are some of the most attractive people on earth when they’re embracing of their ancestry.

When an African American woman has her natural hair there is no-one more beautiful.

The way they can move their bodies and OH MY BLOB! Can they worship Jesus. I LOVE seeing African Americans in church. No-one feels the Spirit more passionately and their singing gives me goosebumps.

One of the things on my bucket list is to go to a sermon one day and watch the congregation and choir sing Gospel. I do believe I shall cry.

It’s been in me for a long time to go South and free some Spirits I know to be haunting plantations. I think it’s a part of American history that should never be allowed to be forgotten and should be captured in the minds of everyone who goes near those States.

But so should the rest…. because it takes a world to build a nation.

Without it civilisation wouldn’t exist.

Migration comes from immigrant and without it Africans would never have become Swedish or Chinese.

While it is absolutely critical this world knows the contribution Africans and African Americans made in our world history it would be ignorant of anyone to give credit to them and them alone for the shaping of it.

I don’t give a crap if your black, white, pink, purple or green with yellow polka dots, if your not a dick to me I’m not a dick to you and one of my favourite memories of my adventures in America is Detroit.

It was such an honour to have been taken to be able to breathe in the history. For a lil Kiwi girl to be standing in the heart of Detroit was just mind blowing.

I went to the Museum there and got to learn about their car history.

I can’t wait to see that city revived.

It has such an incredible energy to the place.

And before anyone says I’m racist.

These are my people.

My Tribe, my Iwi is Ngati Raukawa

And these are Maori slaves.

So it’s not like I don’t appreciate the brutality of slavery in African Americans, it’s just they aren’t the only ones.

African Americans scored 15th on the list. My people didn’t even make it on the list.