Project Blue Beam: The Alien Invasion Conspiracy

Don’t say I didn’t warn you coz I have posts older than these two warning you what was going to happen I’m just too lazy to trawl through them all lol

But just keep checking mainstream news. You’ll see an increase in alien craft reports, sounds in the sky and odd beams and shapes in the sky.

The more they want people to believe what they’re seeing the more you’ll see them residential areas or areas of high population.

The more they want you to question you’ll see them in places like the mountains and over water because they want people to be suspicious. It’s well placed, well thought out psychological conditioning because they want to evoke suspicion.

So watch the mainstream news. Because if it’s in the mainstream it has to be real right?

It’s all diversion tactics and they’ve had it in place for decades. It’s Plan B.

It’s not real.

The real ones are standing back and have been for a couple of years.

Check all the mainstream news over the last 12-18months. It’s staggering how much it’s been ramped up.

Beware the Circles

BeWARE The UFO sightings. I TOLD YOU