Did I Invent a Primative Time Machine?

Gotta love me some Metaphysics.

So my husband calls at 10/10.30pm every night.

He has to put his name down for his time slot the night before.

I’m so exhausted right now because my boys, my eldest especially is so ill with this virus that has hit.

I’ve had 80.2hrs sleep in 4 weeks four days.

I’m too tired to feed myself that’s how exhausted I am. They have this cough that makes them choke and even in their sleep, then they vomit from sucking in air trying to breathe. If your a Mum…… you’ll know.

Who could sleep through that?

I usually grab a couple of hours while my ex is awake getting ready for work etc….

My washing machine deserves a medal though lol

Anyway so the clock on my phone said 10.42pm and if he hasn’t called by 10.30pm he’s not calling. He’s never ever called past that time if he’s missed his slot or didn’t sign in first.

So I fell asleep while my ex was up watching TV because I knew he’d keep an eye on my son he was in bed with. I relaxed, my baby was with me.

All kids were covered. I could stand down for a bit.

When I woke up to my son vomiting all over his duvet narrowly missing Jupiter (since birth he’s been a projectile vomitor. Think Exorcist: The Movie)

I checked my phone when I got back to bed and it said my husband tried to call at 10.32pm.

I’d actually said to my son at 10.42pm “Spare Dad can’t be calling tonight, I hope everything is okay”.

I was thinking maybe he’d used the click to reach out to family after the attack that took place on my Father in Law but he had called.

But how……..?

Why is it always in chunks of 10 minutes that I have these time slips now?

I was wide awake. I was waiting for the phone to ring.

If you know me personally in real life you’ll know I’m a person of routine and very regimented.

I’ve got a routine of being awake by 5am, eat by 8am, coordinate the boys writing, reading, spelling practice.

We just get then to write two paragraphs out of a book.

They choose the book. But it teaches them reading, writing, spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure etc….they’re fascinated with pointing out irony or sarcasm in a sentence or situation for some reason lol my youngest LOVES atoms. He’s fascinated.

Anywho…..so….I waited like I wait every night and usually feel the phone begin to ring about 1 minute in to the time slot. 10.31pm

But it didn’t ring. So I went to sleep.

You’ll even see me awake in this snapshot because while I’m waiting for him to call I’m talking to my two seniors. Look.

Im discussing the attack of my poor Father in Law with them.

That’s me at 1.13am having just dealt with the vomiting and realising my husband hasn’t called.

So how did I live 10.42pm before I lived 10.32pm?

My theory is running along the lines of Metaphysics or Natural Telepathy play a monumental role in my ability to jump time.

As I’m working it out I’m realizing the two sciences involved in this ability is Metaphysics and Natural Telepathy.

Metaphysics of course being the Science use to enhance the latter.

My teacher was a highly skilled and internationally respected Metaphysician but we had different views on the whys she opened my world up in the Natural Telepathy ability because the pendulum tunes you in to the frequencies around you.

Only organic objects have a frequency. It’s like the heat or sound waves for the Soul/Spirit.

I dont know about anyone else but when I see Telekinetic energy to me it looks like the same wave as when you strum an electric guitar but it comes out like lightening.

It always has such defined and definite purpose even though it doesn’t have a clue where it’s going or going to end up.

When I see telekinetic energy with my eye I mean. When I see it with my mind’s eye I can usually tell who’s behind it. I see it from the perspective of the sender and the frequency itself if that makes sense? And depending on who is sending it depends on the feeling of the frequency.

But I’ve never been able to catch up with it with my eye. It’s like lightening fast. That’s why I say it’s a bullet of telekinetic energy. It comes out like a bullet and shatters everything around it once it hits.

Telepathic frequency to my eye is more like water. Like if you filmed a tap dripping then slowed it down as it hit the puddle below and watched the drip ripple across the water but in slow motion.

Clairvoyant frequency to me is white. A burst of white like imaging following electricity down an electric chord after it was switched on but going so fast you just see the burst of light as the switch goes on because it’s blinded you for everything else.

(This is how I see frequency, how and what I see, I’m just trying to explain it as best I can but I know everyone else will see it differently I’m guessing? No? Yes?……?)

Natural Telepathy is so different to Telepathy. Because it’s nature, plants, animals etc…but the frequency is the same for each category. So for example.

Mammals to me have a spikey jumpy frequency that gets you hyper the second you see it.

Insects have bright, graffiti like colour waves, you can almost smell it. I swear ants and ladybugs smell. I swear it. My cousin Fan Libyan (not her real name lol) could too. She could also see and hear the kinetic energy.

Kinetic energy clicks. It’s like…..??? Imagine when your trying to light a gas oven pilot light. That’s what it sounds like just before something moved or your about to see a person moving around who doesn’t belong there in your space in time.

Trees are just the deepest green frequency that actually now I think about it looks like moss lol cute…..

So anyway I’m starting to realize that the pendulum is imperative to training my students and clients who wants better connection with the planet and all the organisms on it because when you do it helps you tune in to time.

I have this feeling that I’m about to go into the theory that living organisms have the ability to control time in our universe.

I mean….it seems so obvious now right? If we evolve at the rate in which all living organisms work in a state of symbiosis then how fast we go forward IS up to all parties involved.

So the long we take to evolve the slower time goes.

That’s why time flies when your having fun and why the death frequency looks like nothingness. It’s going so fast I can’t see anything because it’s not been created yet.

The light I see is seeing only pure white because it’s the light of creation itself not yet being in time because it hasn’t created it yet.

So what I’m being shown just now by Teacher Spirit as we talk is death IS time.

And the light of creation is the same as the light of time and evolution or advancing forward so to speak.

And it’s white because it’s going so fast existence hadn’t caught up yet. So the atom is the light of time, creation, evolution, going round and round really fast waiting for the rest of time that does exist and has been created to catch up to it. Because then once it does it’s come full circle and the atom itself then gets to expand, explode and create into its next stage of being.

Be it a cell, virus, bacteria, baby, first note of a tune, first number in an equation.

One thing gets created, finds its balance and becomes something bigger than itself.

I know im probably sounding nuts but in for a penny in for a pound lol

Can I just say this?

How I want to explain what I mean by songs and maths being essential to all of what I’m saying about creation.

Look at the equation 1+1= 2

The creation of a sum that could later become a medicine that saves lives or creates a space rocket or whatever starts one number in the mind of the person who created it.

1 so that’s the first big bang. The first BOOM of something begining that will forever become cemented into the fabric of time.

Once he thinks it, writes it, speaks it, it is used, it’s in time forever.

But in order for the equation to have a birth of something lasting it needs balance.

That’s where + comes in.

Then the counter balance is the 1 and = is the deciding factor of how great the number is at the end. Get it wrong you could end a life when the ingredients in the drugs are measured wrong or when the ship blows up.

Maths is life and death.

Songs also, the notes in a song is audible frequency and the notes on paper is the maths contained in the tune.

In the case of a song it’s the first note that starts it, the instrument is the counter balance, the brain the deciding factor. If the brain moves the finger wrong as it strums the chord, to the person hearing it it can evoke years or sadness. Makings someone fall in love or want to die.

Art. The paintbrush, paint, canvas etc…all with a creator or God. Because God means to create after all.

This is why Empaths aren’t SJWs. Balance is key. Empaths know balance between than anyone. They don’t protest about how unfair stuff is because they’re just trying to find the balance so they don’t tip over the edge of whatever it is that’s happening to them they don’t understand.

They’re artists, musicians, mathematicians, scientist’s, writers, singers, people, people drawn to vibration because we’re the ones tuned in to it the best of anyone else alive. And you can’t be taught it.

It’s born to you. There is only one in each family who will be strongest.

See how my brain thinks? I started this talking about a missed phone call ends up me doing autistic physics lol

So imagine time looks like the Yin Yang symbol. The Yin (black) bit is what has been created and exists already chasing the long straight tail of the Yang (White) is what is to be created once Yin catches up. If you imagine Yin and Yang as a Fox eating its own tail. The part of his body doing the eating is what had been, what has been created. The tail is what is yet to be created.

But instead of a fox imagine it’s light.

And what I mean when I say “It’s better to be at the front end of a sneeze than the back end of a comet”.

Or….. would you rather be the foxes mouth or tail? Not bad for a kid who got kicked out of school at 14 aye? Lol

That’s time, that’s death, life, creation, etc…..and the pendulum and the way I’ve developed this training over the years has enabled me to jump time.

So it’s only taken 22yrs lol

So…..does this mean I’ve invented a primative time machine?

My brain just totally took over this post lol it was NOT where I thought this was where it was going.

So….I need to get this written down.

The way I’ve struggled my training in the last three months I’ve realized what’s going on and it looks like that’s what’s going on.

Time manipulation.

I can see and hear frequency when I’m tuned in a certain way. The orange sky, Volcano prediction, earthquake prediction, etc….my body eyes and responds to frequency and because of it I can jump time.

However…..what I’ve become to realise is only about 1% of the world’s population can be taught how to do it.

Because it’s such a disciplined, precise, regimented practice and most people can’t even do a 3min a day.

If your a reader of mine you’ll know I’ve always said Natural Telepathy was my favourite gift if all.

This is why. The universe is the life source to an Empath. It’s so overwhelming we feel the need to express it.

Because when we can’t or aren’t allowed to by family or society we want to be a part of time instead or chasing it.

That’s why all Empaths have been suicidal. Not depressed. Suicidal.

An Empath is frequency. It’s why we make the best spell casters too.

I’ve met physically about 30 real empaths in my life but my job is about finding them.

When I train I’m testing for Empathic ability. If they’re Empaths their easier to train my Science to because they’re high IQ and awoke to faith and spiritual journey.

They are all coming to me just lost. So lost. All coming as a last resort.

Then when after our first session they realise what’s going on and they see the light at the end of that tunnel they’re like dogs on a bone. They don’t budge from their training no matter how much they moan and talk themselves out of being any good at it lol (you know who you all are) lol

But they are steadfast loyal. They are diligent and clever and they turn up to every session, they don’t complain about the work etc… because they see results immediately.

Because only an Empath knows an Empath.

And my Dad being a Drill Sargent taught me well because I call myself the Drill Sargent to the Universe and now I know why.

Because when you train with me, and I year you down to build you back up again you get to manipulate time.

It’s basically what it is.

OH DUH I JUST REALIZED. Spirit have been trying to tell me for years.

This is why the dead always have said

“remember me don’t mourn me because I wait for you in your memories” it makes sense. They were planting the seed for my equation.

See……my files….I might sound nuts that I file thoughts and theories away but when something comes full circle and I figure things out to close and tidy a file away in the recesses of my mind it’s almost orgasmic lol

As a side note. This is why I can’t stand people who go around saying their Empaths. Because most Empaths don’t know they’re one and the others would never share their pain so publicly.

Also why I can’t stand New Age practices.

Because no-one who is empathic would have crystals and crap in their houses. Because to them it’s essentially collecting trophies after a slaughter.

Crystals are mined. The earth blown to bits for it’s pretty organs.

Empaths know the earth offers a bounty of healing resources. They expert frequency gauges.

If the earth doesn’t offer it freely it’s taken by force. An Empath knows this.

This is why I send my students out to find their pendulum instead of buying it.

There are a billion gazillion Empaths out there running around about to get the shit knocked out of their sails when I hit the mainstream and tell them their not.

I can’t wait. It’s the biggest scam going.

Pisses me right off.

But my soldiers and I are on it.