What’s the difference between The Illuminati and Devil Worship?

In short? Nothing. This is a very common search term in my admin box so I’m addressing it here now.

There is no difference between the Illuminati and Devil Worshippers.

Both kill for sacrifice, both conjure the devil (or so they think they do but it’s actually just mass hysteria, and psychosymatic behaviour) and both look like totally Fanny’s.

They think they’re all tough and scary but it’s actually just mediocre people who aren’t interesting or liked who join a gang of like minded wannabes who try to be all scary and dark by killing innocent living beings for purpose.

Or so they think it is but the way it works psychologically is it works because they think it does.

If you want lasting power you have to be ritualistic every day to keep the momentum going but the truth is you don’t need the spells and rituals. If you all stood believing the same words without rituals it would still work. The ritual just gives them the BELIEF it’s working.

It works because you think it does.

However what people don’t understand about rituals and spells is one spell can NOT be written for many. A spell has to be done for each individual because no two energies are the same.

Not the sacrifice nor those doing the conjugation. When you deal with magic, spells or summoning it has to be done with the individual in mind and with group participation keeping each individual in mind and that stuff takes days to do.

It takes me two days of fasting and not sleeping to write up one spell for one person. A given would take so much longer. If you see anyone reading from a spell book or reciting a written spell not written for them specifically, for that spell specifically it’s never going to work and if it does it won’t last.

I’m actually embarrassed for them because they think they’re being all knowledgeable and scary but if you understood the way energy works like I do it’s funny watching them when in actuality they would get the same results sitting on the couch eating toast watching Netflix.

The process of the ritual is done to make people think something is actually being done UNLESS it’s to change frequency or send it out.

Obviously the more people in the coven the stronger the frequency but you can’t have all female or all male. You MUST, IT IS IMPERATIVE you have male and female energy taking part. You need both sexes to make it work because then there is balance. If you have a high ratio of females then the male needs to be the Overseer of all spells. Men are stronger energy for protection, women for creation, a woman can write the spells but the male is better to conduct them.

All female, all male covens don’t work.

People just don’t know what they’re doing even people like Alister Crowley, Anton LaVey and the Clinton bitch get it so wrong it’s hysterical. I’ve watched them work and it’s so theatrical and funny lol

That Clinton Bitch did one where she used children’s blood and was all spooky and serious and in this video she was at it for about an hour (edited) and had people almost bowing to her to assist her being all spooky and crap and I’d done the exact same thing two days before in bed at my friend’s house in Wisconsin in my PJs and got the same result 2 days later having never gotten out of my PJs or my bed.

I think I was literally eating toast too lol my girl Aunty B spoils me rotten lol she makes me drool when she touches me like I’m a big dopey dog lol (I should point out she’s a cosmetologist).

However having said that please do not confuse Devil Worship with Satanism as they are two VERY different things.

Satanists are harmless in every way. They are hedonistic and nothing more.

They are your average hardworking, tax paying citizen who chooses to want to live the luxurious lifestyle of Satan because he was the 13th Angel who was thrown out of heaven for being a vain, party animal who liked good food, good sex, drugs and a party. So basically he got kicked out for being Lemmy from Motorhead haha I’d rather be with Lemmy if people like the Kardashians or the Queen go to heaven but we know that’s not going to be the case lol

Satanists, or the ones I know who are good friends of mine are lawyers, soldiers, work in PR, Fashion and one is a Psych nurse and a bloody good one at that too.

A Satanists will ALWAYS have a job and a good paying job because being luxurious isn’t cheap.

Satanists do NOT sacrifice. You can receive blood or body parts like hair, saliva, skin, nails, ejaculate, if offered but it is NEVER taken.

They perform rituals too, but I do as well. We all do. It’s in our nature to have a routine or way of doing things a certain way but like me, it’s not all pomp and ceremony like DWs because they understand it’s the thought behind the intent but with DWs is the intent behind the thought.

But if they say they’re Satanists and they’re all broody and menacing, wear black, talk about spells, Necromancy, or anything like that point and laugh because they’re getting it very wrong and I’d suggest you point this fact out to them.

Because Satanists are the happiest people I know who are flamboyant and funny and very intelligent people who know better.

Because why wouldn’t you be happy when your driving expensive cars, wearing designer clothes and having access to the best organic drugs on the market? Lol

If they use circles in anything they’re DWs. If they cause pain, suffering or fear they’re DWs.

If they try to scare you or control you, the energy in your home or your life they are DWs.

A Satanists just doesn’t care about YOU at all lol they’re hedonists. Why would they? They have zero interest in controlling you or anyone unless it’s for say a “sex act” which if you’ve ever had sex with a Satanist lol OMB!!! Because they know pleasure, they’re experts at it lol

Me being Scorpio, of course that’s gonna get me hooked lol

However after all is said and done none of it is real. Not when you know Satin isn’t real. Heaven, He’ll, God, Satan, all just stories told to control the masses under the guise of freedom of religion.

You can hate me for saying it but until I find unequivocal proof of either at this point Humpty Dumpty might as well be real too and this is coming from one raised Catholic.

Let’s base a religion around broken eggs lol and I say this because I actually know of someone who uses nursery rhymes as their moral guide instead of religion.

So there you have it. I hope I taught you something.