The very thing used to control us……

Will be the very thing used to bring THEM down. Remember Spirit has been saying that from day one of my blog.

The Fight Club is everywhere.

You can run but you can’t hide now lol

This is why they’re trying to ban/ monitor the Internet, and also phones in public areas. Because the Universe now has eyes everywhere.

THIS people, the fact your seeing all of this here now I’d because THIS is the Cleansing in action.

I don’t put these up to cause trouble or offend anyone. I put these up to be smug and prove me dead were right. Lol I know it’s not Spiritual to be smug but if you knew how I’ve been treated in the last few months by people claiming to care about what my dead have to say then you’d understand why I’ve got my skirt up flashing my big dayglow white ass up at everyone who laughed at me and took themselves from my life because they thought I was nuts.

If you follow me, and have done since day one you’ll know what I’m talking about. People tried to get my kids taken off me, encouraging my ex to take them off me because of my “delusions”.

Well……when I’m tucked up with my money safe and my Zombie apocalypse cupboard full of food to last three months with solar powered phone chargers and torches then we will see who’s delusional because we have maybe a month left before the world is one fire. Maybe 4.

Something is coming, something is about to get released so bad even the mainstream news can’t deny it, nor will they want to for fear of being set on fire too just like the ones I see being dragged into the street, beaten and set on fire by the people they paid to protect them.

If what we’ve been told so far is true and no-ones burning yet, can you imagine what it is that gets every man, woman and child, old, young, rich, poor, Black, White, Arab, Jew, etc….onto the streets with torches, bats and guns?

Every time I say that I keep seeing that Bint from The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills in the street with blood on her face but from the angle of a news helicopter.

How odd….still… is me though lol

So please know I post these to prove my dead right and for no other reason. Your political or religious belief is not my business not my concern. I treat you as you treat me. I give respect where I get it regardless of who you are or what you believe in. I do play Devils Advocate but it’s to get people discussing these topics not to cause trouble.

Having said that I did call someone in MeWe a retarded moron because he was too stupid to know Antifa and Anarchist weren’t the same thing.

And before you jump up and down about the word retarded…..know the language you speak before you use it.

So back to the matter at hand… are some interest pictures for you to peruse.

The truth IS out there.

Will you listen this time?

And I’d like to thank people like Vixx Gribble and the rest on Facebook and MeWe for being brave enough to post this content so that I can pass them on to you. I work long hours and haven’t watched TV or the news in years so I rely on you all to keep me informed on what’s going on because I don’t like being influenced on anything when it comes to my predictions about the Cleansing etc… I keep my head down and then when I’m shown stuff that backs my claims I post it.

I have learned to fact check though lol I learned that the hard way on a couple of things lol

But now I don’t trust anyone I source everything because I never trust anyone is going to have mine or my Deads best interests at heart.

I love you all

Be safe

Vive La Vérité