How To Prepare For The Cleansing

I’m getting contacted by people asking about what to get for when the Cities burn around the world so instead of emailing one at a time I’m carpet bombing you all at once then I can refer to the link rather than clip and paste entire convos.

Okay so first and foremost don’t panic. You have time. Just every time you go to the store grab something non perishable.

Bear in mind you might be without gas or electricity so buy things easy to cook on a camping stove, bbq or requires no cooking at all.

You can cook meat in toasters, on car engines, in holes in the ground, on BBQs, in tin cans on fire and over fire itself. Obviously if you have no electricity you can use a toaster but I’m just saying for arguments sake.

But try to get canned meat that is precooked, meat in jars and tins because they only require heating up which is easy rather than needing to cook food and risk food poisoning.

Yes it’s not good for you but during civil collapse it’s better than starving or eating rats right?

So make sure you can cook and eat without the need for ovens and stoves.

BBQs and camping pots over a fire are perfect. Or hangi even. Us Australasians have Billys for campfire cooking around a Billabong and Hangis and have done it for centuries so don’t worry. It’s safe and better than starving.

Make sure you get seasoning. Salt has a multitude of uses so get enough for more than just cooking. It’s great for if you need anything sterile too.

Also don’t forget canned, packet fruits and vegetables. You can’t keep fresh produce forever and you might not have access to it so buy them canned or dehydrated etc…. soups, noodles, beans, fish, crackers, cereals, pasta are all things you can keep for ages in tins. Just don’t forget you’ll need coal, or gas for cooking, newspaper, fire lighters or flints and dried leaves or something to catch the spark.

Pots, soap, water. Sanitation is essential because if you don’t have running water or its contaminated dehydrating will kill you faster than starving does.

Remember to have cooking water and drinking water separate.

You can collect rain water for washing yourself and dishes etc…but bottled for drinking.

Sanitation is key so toilet paper is essential. Stock up.

For a toilet get a drink or large bucket/barrel with a lid and get a ton of bin liners so when you’ve done your business you can put a lid on it and then seal up the bag when it’s full. Don’t bury it until it’s full though and the plastic needs to be sturdy enough to sit on or over.

A shovel for burying your waste is essential too.

Even though it’s not ideal, orange juice, tinned manadrins etc….for the Vitamin C so you don’t get any immune issues. Vitamin C tablets aren’t good for you. It’s a vitamin best absorbed through food so make sure your OJ is as natural as possible.

First Aid, for pain, anti-inflammatory creams and tablets, antihistamines, salve, pain killers, tampons for gun shot wounds, antibiotics if you can but zinc it good. Antiseptic, scissors, band aids, bandages, etc…that sort of thing.

But zinc and start taking it now. These are all things you can buy from the Dollar Store or discount stores for dirt cheap. Paracetamol is 13p here for 36.

Torches, lighters, matches, flints, knives, hammer, duck tape, string, rope, newspaper, and batteries.

You can buy solar powered anything nowadays so I’ve got a solar powered phone charger, radio and torches and lamps.

No matter what we will always have the sun…well for about 1 million years at least but we won’t be here by then.

We will have either wiped ourselves out or evolved to roam the galaxy.

Where your in luck is it’s coming into warmer weather so hearing won’t be an issue but if your Pacific in destination then get blankets washed and ready, sleeping bags, etc….

Cash, vodka, whiskey, chocolate, cigarettes and if you can, weed.

Because they are all tradable commodities.

The weed and vodka are also medicinal. Vodka is great for making things sterile, the weed for pain, help you sleep etc…condoms are great for carrying small items that can’t get wet, or balloons for the zombies birthday party lol

Bullets if you can, good locks and plan an escape route if you need to head north.

Good locks for your doors too and tell no-one you have supplies.

Vaseline because things need greasing but also you can cook in petroleum jelly if you need it.

Newspaper if you have time now is great for making long burning fire bricks. Wet all the paper into a bucket then compress it until it dries. It will go as hard as wood and burn twice as long as coal.

Also a compass, pen and paper, maps, and if in doubt remember that moss only grows in the south side of the tree.

Only drink water in rivers or eat food in the forests you see animals but birds especially eat. Birds pretty much have the same tolerances for plants and berries as we do so if you don’t see birds eating berries off a tree your not sure about don’t eat it.

Drink water that isn’t brushing over rocks and white. It must be still and clear otherwise drink urine.

And all towns and villages are downstream so if your lost follow the river downstream and eventually you’ll find people.

If your in scorching weather sleep during the day and walk at night.

You can bury yourself under the sand so you keep cool and protected from the sun but buy sunblock too, chap sticks, and sun glasses or a hat for glare. It sounds nuts now but you won’t when your out in the sun.

Make sure you have sugar on hand as you might need the glucose and you can use the salt, sugar and orange juice to mix with water for dehydration.

Remember if you have pets, they need to be provided for too.

Tampons and pads are great for wounds and starting fires too if the soil is wet.

Make huts between the two strongest trees and remember many trees have leaves perfect for collecting rain water. But also if you need leaves to get the ones underneath the surface because they’ll be drier.

You can eat carrion and road kill as long as it’s not chicken or pork. They can’t be eaten raw or half cooked. You can eat deer, beef, horse, rabbit, sheep, etc…with maggots in them if you wash it off before cooking as long as the meat isn’t green.

Can you tell I grew up New Zealand Army yet?

We’re taught this stuff in school.

It’s standard practice because Civil Defence Emergency training is a priority when your a tiny island prone to Earthquakes and flooding.

I think I’ve covered it all. Just stay indoors and keep your head down and you’ll be fine.

Move your money now and make sure if you need your vehicle’s to use them only when essential and keep the tank full with a jerry can full as well otherwise walk or cycle.

Make sure prescriptions are up to date or if possible go alternative, the planet is full of things to heal you from everything out there.

If you have babies or kids in diapers I suggest toweling nappies/diapers so you can reuse them or if they are old enough around the age of 2yrs old, toilet training…

Don’t tell anyone your stocked because if your in a country without a gun and your neighbour has one and knows you thought ahead I can promise the gun wins and your either dead, injured or starving so keep your head down and stay indoors with the doors and windows locked and shut at all times.

This will be scary as hell for the first couple of weeks and then after three months we will start to restore order.

If you can’t get a flint you can smack a big rock against a small one and use that to cut fur or pelt off animals, sharpen knives, cut rope or start a fire. So don’t worry if you can’t get one.

Cotton buds are great for cleaning delicate areas on weapons and wounds, baking soda has a million uses too so that can’t hurt either.

You can do this on a budget. It doesn’t need to be expensive.

It’s survival not a retreat.

Oh citronella. For bugs, flies, mosquitoes which you can buy in packets of up to 20 and also netting because you can use it to wash clothes, carry things, catch animals and keep food high from zombies or mozzies at night.

So I think that’s it. I’ll probably remember stuff and add to it later but for now it’s enough to keep you busy.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. If you have suggestions or tips please comment in the section below as it all helps and we need to help each other now more than ever.

Good luck and keep your head down.

Viva La Vérité