This Is It. The Cleansing.

The cleansing has hit. It’s only a matter of time before the cities burn and bodies fill the streets globally and the Elites end up in prison or Hell.

Stay indoors, stock up if you haven’t like I said to and make sure your armed and safe.

If in doubt head North. Once the tanks come it’s end days and a new beginning breaks.

This is it. I’m not even joking.

Reinvest your money in safe options. Food, supplies, solar powered anything, water, pet food, just get it done now. Gas for your car, cash and tradable commodities if necessary.

6 thoughts on “This Is It. The Cleansing.

      • It’s not your fault it’s something up with me. My WordPress has been playing up since I started getting monitored. Every post I send out goes out in duplicate. I have to delete. But my keyboard jams and comes our warbled. It can take me ages to type a post. I can’t even get into WordPress on my laptop now. It refuses to bring up the page regardless of my browser. My laptop shuts off mid Session with clients. Just shuts off. So it’s not you, it’s probably me.

      • What a pain in the arse that must be! Considering you need to communicate online.
        It’s strange being called baby though- feels like I should be carrying a watermelon in dirty dancing..
        Keep it up!