The Youngest So Far Just Crawled At My Feet.

I’m devastated. She was about 10-11 months old. You know that age where they’re just starting to walk but not quite?

Her chin, jaw and neck were all cut up.

She has mottled blonde hair but olive skin. Not Hispanic colour, more just maybe lived in Florida and was tanned from living there.

The gash under her chin is nasty. I can see bone.

I can’t even ask her to take her death state off because she isn’t quite Spirit yet so she doesn’t understand so I have to just deal with it.

The blonde around her collar is orange stained from the blood being old so she must of taken a while to die because it’s all dried.

Her hair is knotted at the back. She’s a beautiful chubby faced thing but when you look into her eyes you see fear and nervousness.

But she crawled at my feet then stood up against the bed and walked along to where my ex had his feet up watching YouTube.

I have this heavy feeling in my gut.

It’s one thing to see children, but now I’m seeing infants.

This needs to end because I can’t take much more.

This isn’t the dead turning up in my mind’s eye, this is them turning up in real life as perfect manifested imagery.