Coconut Oil And The Conspiracy To Stop People From Using Alternative Treatment.

We were told 2yrs ago they would try to say that things like coconut oil was bad for your health. Do NOT believe the hype. The Pharmaceutical industry is Demonizing alternative treatments because they work.

I take coconut oil every single day and have done for 2yrs. It cured my H. Pylori virus, it cures indigestion, sun burn, is antibacterial AND is 100% responsible for my increase in memory.

I’m on a HIGH fat diet. I eat butter, cream, cheese, nuts, coconut oil and I’m healthier than the Doctor can believe. Coconut oil saved my life and like Marijuana and Vitamins and Minerals they’re trying to scare people into not getting healthy.

There is no money in people being healthy and with so many people rejecting modern medicine they’re panicking.

Coconut oil actually lowers your blood pressure, it is a wonder food that has dozens of uses.

I’ve put dozens of people onto it and they all say it changed their lives. I take it in my bag and have it beside my bed and in my kitchen.

“The Coconut Oil Conspiracy”: How big business kept this incredibly healthy oil from the masses……