America If You Go After Israel I’ll Love You Forever

I told you Israel was one of the 5.

Told you told you told you

I spoke with Israeli soldiers from the 1950s who told me they were given Vitamin injections and days later they woke up finding out they committed atrocities against the poor defenceless people of Palestine. They were devastated. Some begging me to help them be forgiven.

I can’t WAIT for Israel to come undone.

They are along with The Queen, Chinese and Saudi’s the most evil nations on earth as far as human rights and Global violation.

You know I have been saying for years.

Be under no illusion they were against the systematic slaughter of innocent Jews in WW2.

Who do you think helped fund it? The Catholics too.

I’m so happy. Finally my dead are getting vindicated.

Go get em Mr Trump. This has been a few millennia in the making.

“Peace to the world shall come when darkness is brought to light”

Watch this space people.

The cleansing is in FULL SWING