BeWARE The UFO sightings. I TOLD YOU

I’ve been saying this for years people. Please be very careful what you believe about the UFO sightings. If your a follower of mine you’ll know I’ve been warning you about false UFO hype in the media for a couple of years now.

Project Blue Beam is real. I’ve seen footage take live from a former US Army Tank Commander. He had to flee for his life.

I told you they were going to ramp up UFO sightings when the shit hits the fan when the Cleansing goes wrong.

I keep having Alien invasion dreams. Something is coming

Now the Blink182 dude has been brought in on the conspiracy.

It’s False Flag. Remember what I said. If it’s got coloured lights, and looks like it has corners and edges, it’s not real.

If it’s being detected out in the open during the day it’s not real.

The only time they come out from the clouds to be seen in daylight is when they’re stopping missile launches.

We are neither prepared or equipped mentally to cope with the truth of them yet while we’re still letting former Presidents and Royal Families kill and eat children.

I told you didn’t I? I’m telling you. My dead know their shit. Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t believe the hype.

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