The Meaning of Life: Is my journey nearly at an end?

I Debbie Lee Black are of sound mind and body and have no idea what I’m about to write but If I don’t get this out I’m gonna feel like I’m going to explode.
Should anything happen to me you’ll know I was on to something. So I leave it to my ex and my students to pass on my work.

My Blob have mercy on my Bowl. I do this for Queens and Country.
Okay: Deep breathe

Since my epiphany in January of this year when I figured shit out and started changing my life towards teaching and learning and losing weight etc….following my compass basically I’ve been shown a series of images and given a whole heap of experiences I have been sharing with you all because I felt it was important to share my journey with you.
I started this blog because I’m a shy person. Inside I had this shit hot vixen inside me but outwardly I wouldn’t of looked you in the eye.
Here, I got to be me. Honest, loving, knowledgeable about Death etc….loyal, dedicated etc….but in reality I hated everything about myself.
I was 26 stone (360lbs ish) size 30, married to a man I worshiped who never looked at me twice even though he had nothing but respect for me. He sacrificed his sanity to give me my freedom and I will work till my dying day to repay him for that.
I’m devastated my marriage has come to an end, I cry almost daily. But I realized not because I lost my husband, but because I gained my Protector. My best friend. My Brother. The man who a few hundred years ago was slaughtering for money, who’s penance was to come to the world as this Tall, gorgeous, talented, genius of an Artist who’s role it was as to protect me. The fat yet giant from New Zealand who has a gift.

I’ve been trained this year in how to remember. The blue bubbles, with my memories in them were all filled with memories from my past.
Spirit have been saying to me for years ‘Tell people don’t mourn me, remember me, I wait for you in memories’.
And now it all makes sense.

Why I’ve been connecting with past lives, suicides, memories, time slips, the image I get when I ask about The Big Bang and who created it etc……

The Meaning of life is Living. The meaning of it all IS LIFE.

The evolution of the human existence.
We live for our ancestors. We all help each other evolve, each life making up for a sin the last ancestor left.
Like a stream of light, or veins in the arm, we branch out into the Universe and that joins the Higher Light, that Higher light then creates a new life, a new soul.
WE create life. When we get it right, a new life form out there somewhere, or here a life is created.
Are we have only just gotten started.
I want to explain it to you. But I’m not mentioning names.

I recently found someone I was connected to in a past life and the evidence is overwhelming to support my theory being correct.
But in making the connection I came to realize a few things, even if this wasn’t correct.
This persons Spirit Elder is from Salem, which just happens to be my Number one place to visit on my Bucket List. That whole area is Number 2, Boston, Massachusetts etc…

The Spirit Elder died young of a fever but she was a persecutor of the innocent men and women accused of being Witches. So her lesson was to come back and be the Spirit Elder to this woman who has a connection to me that is out of this world. She is more than a sister, or friend. It’s impossible to explain. But anyway, what I realized is Spirit Elders aren’t the highest evolved Spirits, they are the ones with the Biggest Lessons to learn. That’s why they are so perfect and given the task of watching over the living. Because there is nothing more important in this Universe than what???????? Students?????? Life.
Without it we don’t evolve.

This Spirit Elders ancestors came off the May Flower. There is more t I will skip that bit.
But it traces back to Scotland and Ireland.
I’m Irish and Scottish as is my ex, as is this woman and the Spirit Elder.
My Protectors past life was as an Assassin. Around the German region. I have German in my ancestry, as does my ex as does this woman, as does the Spirit Elder. See where I’m going with this?
My Fiance, is Spanish, French, this woman has French, as do I, as does my ex.
My Fiance has Native American in him as does my ex and I’m Native too. Native New Zealand BUT they have traced our blood through the America’s, Asia and back to Egypt.
So somewhere we have a common ancestor through the blood line. ALL of us can be traced back to Kings and Queens.
All born to follow the compass to find each other.

My ex’s lesson in this life is to protect me because he took so many in his last one. Each life he lived after that one, where he was a Female French artist who killed herself, to the German SS Soldier who tried to hide the fact was Jews were hiding under bodies in the street still alive. His role is to Protect just one now.
Mine. Why else would you explain how we found each other and how he feels this need to protect me and get me to America and to Martin and shit even though we are no longer married?
Or is he an enabler to my Insanity? lol Don’t answer that lol

My past lives were just as bad.
I was a Royal slob tyrant, then the Italian aristocrat woman who drowned, then the blonde Jewish girl who gave up a name, then the Soldier in Nam, now me.

Through a series of deductions I have concluded the 7 blood lines we have in common are:
Native American

7 continents
7 Blood lines
7 deadly sins
7 virtues
I’m the baby of 7.
This woman has 7 genetic connections to me.
The Meaning is Life, the Universe and everything isn’t 42, it’s 7.
I lost 3 members of my family within 7 years of each other. The third was the last thankfully.
My marriages, lasted legally 7,14 years and I’m about to have my last marriage. He was 21 when met.
I was 7 when I asked my Mum in the kitchen ‘Why wasn’t I born in America?’ and the way I met Martin is fucked up for sure. how the fuck we found each other is just a fuckin fuck fuck. I don’t have the words.
But his gift led him to me from prison and mine led me to him. In an innocent and wonderful way. It’s all to get me home to America. To Massachusetts, via New York to get my man. So I can finish what those Witches started. The Spirit Elder is helping me get there.
I need to teach people in America not to be afraid of death because Death is life. Without it none of us evolve.
Death shouldn’t be something we grieve but celebrate.
Our loved ones we bury aren’t victims of our tragedy. They are giving themselves up for us so we can grow and evolve and push the ancestry forward. So we can all join the light. Which we can do IF we understand death the way I do.
Every single one of them chose a hard painful path to die in your life so you could learn and move forward.
My lives took very dramatic turns after every loss I’ve had in my life. Whether I was close to the person or not.
See my post on Friday? The One Shot Friday for all the dead?
Little did I know that very day I’d lost a beloved Aunty in New Zealand and I only found out yesterday (Sunday).
It was after my crying for her and getting stoned to calm down did I have this revelation I’m bringing to you now.

The things we need to evolve as one, like me, like my bloodline, my ex, this woman, Martin etc….all things we have in common.
Geography (Navigation/Exploring/Migration)
Building/Engineering (building, fixing,construction)I’m not sure what the general term would be called. Civil Engineering maybe?
Business/Invention skills.
7 things we have all needed over the course of our planets evolution to help us get to where we are today.
Think about what I’m saying.
Business and Invention you say? But money is evil. Well no it’s not the love of it is but the necessity in this world is fact.
But we went from inventing wheels to building space ships in pretty short amount of time. Somewhere along the line of inventing fire and inventing Robots that can drive our cars and do intricate surgeries things were invented and sold.
We have been having to figure out how to get food, shelter and money for centuries.
That’s why we have trade and bartering to this day. Because it works.
We just need to stop being such fuckin dicks about it.
Until we get into a cashless society what can we do.
Gold is just a shiny piece of earths goo until we say it’s worth $100 an ounce.
So what would trees be? Earths hair? Water her wee? Soil her poo?
So we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions even, to live inside houses that are made from earths hair and waste? lol
lets me honest lol we are like fleas. We are earths parasites at the moment. lol
OR we can evolve and get off this planet and leave her to heal.
But none of it can be done without us all linking arms an helping each other.
And I’m going to help by going to America. They need Spirit the most I think.
And you all play a part in getting me there.
Even all my students play a role in getting me to America.

There is one other I know of who is connected to this Ancient Bloodline. My Islander connection who also has connections to Celts, French etc…..So I’ve found 2 more ancients. That’s 4, 3 to go.
I need to train people up quick. I need to find the other 3.
But Why?
and why me?
So we have
The Artist/Literary/Musician
The Literary
The Psychic
The Carpenter/Engineers/Builders
The Scientist
and Business/Money makers all connected by Me. I’m what we all have in common.

We all smoke weed to HA!! ALL anti authority. All have an infinity to music. All desperate to see and feel the world.

People, we need to be living. Really living. Life is the meaning of life. LIVE NOW!!! live for your ancestors, live for your Spirit Elders and Loved ones on the other side. That’s the whole point of why we do it.
The human experience is a God, it’s a creation, it’s existence in it’s purest form. WE are the Universe. The Universe IS US.
All a vein, all a parasite, all feeding a life source that has to exist so the other can evolve.
All so it can get to that light that creates life all over again.
So the real meaning of life, is Evolution.
And what image was I shown on my sons birthday weekend in Birmingham that changed my life in an instant? (I did a post).
Spirit showed me The Hungry Caterpillar.
The Book my sons have loved since birth because I bought the book and read it to them when they were in my tummy.
They showed me the caterpillar on the leaf turning into cocoon and then butterfly. A bird eating a caterpillar, living in the tree the caterpillar eats the leaves off. The tree the man chops down to build a house, who then plants the seeds to grow the tree back.
And so on and so on.
One of the reasons we got my son’s IQ tested and home educate him was because he was reciting Hairy McClary’s ‘Caterwaul Capers’ at 3 months old.
That book was given to me by my good friend Leanne back in New Zealand.
So we all play roles in inspiring each other. She did it through literature.
I found Martin through music, the ex art, I my Dad, engineering,I love that shit lol I had connections with writing and all three husbands too. As you can see I’m literally talking to myself in typing form lol I’m figuring this out as I go. Please forgive me.
I can’t stop trying to make the connections. I need to know why I have to get to America.
It’s not just about Martin and this woman and my boys and ex. They’re the ones helping me get there. They’re all conduits.
Like warriors or something.
Who or what is in America that is my life’s purpose? The daughter I’m going to have maybe? With Martin?
Or to find the other 3?
Does this make sense? It does to me. I asked for Martin in my Aunties kitchen as a teenager. Not the age difference but I did ask for the man out of C&C Music Factory lol hahahaha long black hair, Latin etc….years later I find out when we met he asked for me too.
The age thing is a pisser but what can I do? I love the pain in the ass lol I’ll be pissed off if we are only married 21 years lol I’ll kick Spirits fat fucking Ghost Face right in lol

I know I live a looooooong life too. I feel like I’m getting younger.
I keep getting asked out by babies lol 18, 25, 27, 30 year old boys. They keep saying they think I’m 30 lol
I’m bloody 44 in November.
But when I had my Epiphany in January that starts a chain of events leading me to America, for me time stopped.

Time Stopped. Now I understand it all. Death, Life, how to be happy and it starts with me teaching people that death is more than a orb on a picture.
That’s why they put themselves through it. So we would get a bloody lesson.
Well I’m the Teacher and School is in Session.
So now I’m telling the Universe to get me to America in November and I’m going to document my journey. I want to video and record the experience because this woman lives in Massachusetts and she offered me sanctuary while I go see Martin in New York where we meet face to face for the first time. After 4 years of trying to find each other telepathically.
My ex husband and my sons are guiding me, protecting me and offering support.
My students and clients fees and donations getting me there. Every penny.
To have my first Thanksgiving I have dreamed of since I was a 7yr old girl.
And the first place she is taking me is Salem.
The number one destination on my Bucket List since I was 7.
Having just learned what I’ve learned if I don’t document this journey of home coming I’d kick myself in the fuckin Ghost head.
HOLY SHITTING FUCK BUM!!! Martins dream.
Oh Debbie say about the dream.
My Fiance had a dream a couple of months back where I left photo’s on his bed at his Mums house and on the back of these photos of me was the word SALEM in my hand writing.
HOLY SHIT!!!! Did I visit Martin in his dream?
I think my brian just broke.
So I really can time travel does that mean?
That’s why I break electrical things. Why my phones give me shocks and my students have a hard time connecting to me.
Martin barely can hear me on the phone. Things with batteries like remotes and stuff give me electric shocks, etc….I feel where the battery is in my hand.
My phone dies after 2 hours of being at 100.
The only thing that grounds me is music.
But not just ANY music. I have to tune myself in to the song with the right vibration.
Because then I get visions. Spirit show me stuff.
Them showing me stuff is what happened yesterday. I got the news of my Aunties death. The shock made me get stoned and put music on to calm me down because I was so hurt.
I started being shown stuff that lead me to figuring it all out.
If I’m correct it changes everything people will know about death and life and all of it.
And if I’m crazy my trip will be one hell of a party haha
This doesn’t not make sense though that’s the thing.

I need to know why I need to get to America in November.
I need to know why I have to live there. Why build my career there?
When I land on American soil in November is that me graduated?
Do I then get permission to Teach? REALLY Teach?
So who is there that makes that happen though? I don’t get it.
I need a visa, home, income for me and the boys. How does that happen when I’m there in November? It’s only for a holiday.
I don’t know if I’m confused or frightened lol
My students are crucial to this journey. That’s why I kick so many of them out. I’m fine tuning myself to them. The ones who will continue this fuckin insane journey of mine lol
In return they get to have the same gift as me.
We feed each other in some way. Both helping each other evolve.
Symbiotic if you will. In order to both evolve.
See how it works now?
I’m not sounding so crazy now I think lol
Why me though?
I need to get to America. My answer lay there.
I feel like I’m on a pilgrimage lol
But one of wanton debauchery and emotion. Coz I have some boys I need to drink under the table a few times to show them how us Kiwi’s do it.
They talk big but lets see if they have the big boy pants or not.
I’m gonna get smokes and see where Spirit take me.
I can’t fuckin wait. I might be of the light but even I have my Halo resting on my pitch fork once in a while lol hehe
Watch out America, I’m coming for you.
In the words of Miss Adore Delano
(On a side note the final correction post went up at exactly 11.11)
I couldn’t make this shit up

So that means the people who come to me, who are drawn to me specifically for help, help me learn more about death, and in return teach them what I know, help them understand death, predict them, guide them because I can see time. All time.I can step in and out of it basically is what it is.
So again, another symbiotic relationship of souls helping each other evolve.
Interesting……I’m adding notes as I go lol Only I could talk to myself in my head in typing form for all the world to see. lol

And that is why I’ve been seeing the dead everywhere. As I’ve evolved in my gift.
Ask my students. I keep seeing the dead around them on video. In the outside too. I’m crossing Spirits over where ever I go. Hundreds of them. Coz they see my light and know I can open it and step into it.
So that is what an Ancient is? We can step into the light.
I’m finding Ancients. I’m finding the blood lines and we are connecting through art, science, etc…and have been through the ages.
So are we our own ancestors? Recycling, the opposite of evolution?
Devolving means being recycled.
The two balances in everything. The opposites, like two skis in the Universe that we have to balance just right in order to go faster down that mountain.
I use skis as a way of describing how we are meant to balance our life’s journey so our skis move together in perfect balance so we can move faster down the mountain. The faster you go the faster you see the light. One you see the light you become it.
So what happens once I evolve then?
lol See……..always asking questions lol
Spirit just said ‘That’s why, why you Debbie’.

And I promise I’m not nuts. Just because I talk to the voices in my head and want to hug strangers and want to lick good looking Latin boys doesn’t mean anything hahaha

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