My Twitter War And My Fight Against Censorship

They’re censoring my stuff and dropping my numbers.

I’ve counted my followers and I only follow people who follow me there’s a big of a huge discrepancy by nearly 2000 followers.

I don’t get alerted of likes, comments, retweets or shares so I guess this means they declared war.

I don’t even care. I hate social media. I’m trying other formats like TopBuzz and MeWe. Once I figure it out I’ll be fine.

I’m going to concentrate on doing my Vlog anyway so I won’t have time to Bitchslap Twitter and Facebook.

I’ve been shadow banned haha I’m so scared of being kicked out of Facebook because they’re the only place on the internet.

MeWe doesn’t censor. It’s getting popular too.

Twitter is dying and Facebook is already under the bush in the throws of Rigor Mortis.

They’re all going to be under investigation soon anyway.

They’re all as crooked as a two bob watch.

So if I drop out if site on my social media formats you’ll know why but don’t worry. I’ll keep you posted in here and hook you up to my non Nazi Party media forums.

The Geek Shall Inherite the Earth remember that.

Power to the People. Stay true to the truth.

They just dropped me by 30 for posting this article lol

Likes and shares people. Like me, share me. Spread my message far and wide.