The Universe Responded With Sarcasm But I Packed A Tantrum And Got What I Wanted Anyway 😏

What a lucky girl am I that I have people in my life who help me sort my life out.

I’ve just saved a shit ton of money because of the perseverance of one of my students and exactly 48hrs to the minute (no joke) after I put my foot down to Spirit.

I demanded action. I reminded them of our agreement. I told them “I’m not in the mood to play games anymore”.

I’d like to share with you a typical conversation in my head so you understand the relationship I have with Spirit.

I told them

“I’m working my fucking asses off in both versions of the definition and I’m living to my end of the bargain so they better live up to theirs”.

They called me dramatic. I said “they were domestically abusive”.

They said “And you say your not dramatic?” Lol arseholes lol

They said “We’ve explained it”.

I said “blah blah blah don’t want to hear it”.

They said “Debbielee have patience”

I said “Patience don’t get me to New York to get my work started now does it Spiritos”

They said “Well technically…….”

I said “lol Don’t get pedantic with me, I’m seriously not playing”

They said “Look……it’s coming, you know it’s coming why are you stressing about this?”

I said “Because I have things to do and being here annoys me. I’m too grumpy here”.

They said “But Debbielee your grumpiness isn’t exclusive to the location your in”

Lol I said “Don’t you make me laugh arsehole, let me be grumpy, I’m not playing Spirit, your being quite mean actually and I’m always such a willing participant in your instruction”

They said ” 😑 would you care to try that one again?”

I said “I just want to go home and be near my husband and my girls and do what I’m wanting to do. Is it too much to ask you give me exactly every little thing I want ever?”

They said “No………but some things you want take time because cogs need to be put in place in order for wheels to turn. Cogs have now been put in place so just sit tight. Your so impatient”.

I said “Aaaah excuse me? If I’m impatient it’s because you created me that way.”

They said “Weeell that’s factually incorrect now isn’t it Debbielee, you created yourself that way, we played no part in the creation of you, we just make sure the leash is secured enough to control the damage”


See what I have to endure? Lol the lip from Spirit is nothing short of abusive.

I said “Look…….I can’t live here anymore. I’m not happy here. I don’t feel safe here anymore. I feel so much safer in America. People need me there and every day I’m not there I’m not happy and every day I’m not there I’m not helping people that need me”.

They said “And so shall it be… know this. But you can’t have a word without the letters in place or the sentence won’t make sense. You created an entirely new alphabet Debbie, you need to understand that it’s going to take a while for people to understand your language”.

I said “Is it because I’m a ninja?

They said “Yes 😑 but more importantly because you transformed an entire belief structure that society hasn’t quite let go of the fear of religion to quite understand yet but slowly people are starting to learn your language”

I said “Spirit…….make me more patient then”

They said “and while we’re at it let’s turn air into vodka”

Lol I said “arsehole”

They said “you keep saying that but your the only one here with the actual arsehole”.

I said “😑”

They said “Look…..we used sarcasm”


I said “Please…..just help me….give me something. I’m not asking for much”.

They said “that’s true…its just world domination in a field you had to create a new Science for so you could get known enough you can move to New York with your family to be with your incarcerated husband, and ex husband your working towards retiring so he can paint and watch the kids while you raise awareness and funds for a charity and business you created so you could work in two new fields of science you had to create in order to get any of this done to have the ability to employ, retire, and look after people your not even obligated to look after all while losing more than an adult, child and medium sized dog in weight in less than 5yrs all while dealing with the pressure of public scrutiny and invitation for ridicule?”

I said “Exaaaactly…..I’m glad we’re on the same page”.

2 days later my girl made one phone call that changed my life.

Exactly 48 hrs to the minute I got what I asked for. I know this because it was when I was waiting for my husband to call. He calls at the same times every day.

It’s not easy being green you know.

But I’m not the sort to pack tantrums with Spirit to get what I want however I’m not above doing it if I’m pushed lol

The relationship I have with Spirit is awesome. I really am so lucky they know how to talk to me because I’m not easy to work with now I’m not pliable lol

But no-one knows me better and no-one can handle me better when I’m a grumpy ninja but sometimes a girl has to go Ghetto.

Lol Spirit did the face palm

Face palm of fear me thinks…..