Did I figure out 44 finally and unlock the place I need to call home? (Synchronicity completion?)

Eagles, Lakes, Stars, have all been a part of the synchronization process I’ve been trying to figure out.

Just the other day my two senior females and I had an incident with lakes. We spent the other day trying to figure out why we were all seeing lakes in dreams and visions.

These two will be moving to where I am so we can work together. Of all my students, the two moving with me where ever I go are having synchro eppies (synchronization episodes to non Australasians) identical which as you know I’ve mentioned before.

Both having crow, eagle, falcon eppies.

One sees DLB, DLA, DMB (my previous and current initials), 44 and her Dad is the one who said follow the star and also it’s her message she sent about the dream with the planes falling out of the sky at a Miss Indian NC competition at the same time I was talking about visions I had about going to India. She was my maid of honour at my wedding and witnessed the Star incident. So there has got to be something in this.

I fly in and out of Buffalo Niagara International Airport so much they actually know me there those boys. They always say I’m so happy and give me shit about the candy and cakes I smuggle back into the UK as bribery rewards for my boys lol

Williamsville I know well and even have made friend’s there. It’s also only 40 minutes from my husband. So……I think this could be it. If I’m right I’ll stop seeing 44 lol let’s find out shall we?

As for the galleon connection, when I was 19 my Mother was teaching me how to read tea leaves to predict.

She said that in my future was a big galleon. She said it was surrounded by gold. She didn’t know what it meant but she said it would make me unbelievably happy. She said it was like a big Spanish galleon, with big sales. My husband is Nicaraguan and from Queens, New York.

Buffalo is called the Queen of the city.

My best friend who is the whole reason I even have a career by the way is called York now but Black before she was married and she lives in North Carolina, it’s how I met the student Pixie with which I am referring. I stayed with them both before getting married. She lived in New Bern, which has a Bear on its flag. It’s my nickname Mama Bear, and Durham where Pixie lives has the real County Durham up the road from me where I live in YORKshire England with my ex and sons who are Blacks.

And Pixie did a genetics test and her ancestry is up the road in Manchester, and the Pacific Islands and my husband and other senior share an ancestor. They are totally related. Their family come from the exact same part of Spain from the same nobility.

Her son told me before I went to get married “Don’t forget purple is your favourite colour”.

I’d been telling my students about this important tree I need to find because my Grandmother is the tree and she’s First Nations and she’s been calling me to her my whole life.

My student Pixie is Tuscarora and my husband’s Facility is in Seneca territory. Both are part of The First Nations family who’s flag is

So have I finally figured out what 44 is. Is this why we were seeing Eagles and why my girls deceased Father told us to “Follow the star”

The Buffalo state flag.

The New York state flag has an eagle and a big ship with sails like a galleon.

Buffalo is the 44th most populated city in the US.

On top of which the day I married my husband at Gowanda Correctional Facility just outside Buffalo, there was a giant star on the roof of the prison.

So Buffalo it is then.

That’s where I’m going to call home. Now I just need to get there.

Also 444, could that be April? I don’t know why I keep feeling some things happening in April. Something life changing big.

But for whom? Me or all of us?

If I’m right I’ll stop seeing it and end up in Buffalo soon.

If I’m wrong it could still be Obama but you must admit, that’s a lot of synchronisation.

Remember the one with the foxes etc….it takes a lot of thinking and observing to work out your synchronicities. You might think you have it figured out then you don’t.

Some things will fit perfectly then turn out to be really wrong. The only way to know is when you know.

You stop seeing it once you know.

But I won’t know until I find out I guess.

Interesting hypothesis though right?

Plus it helps you learn how to figure yours out yourself.