To Those Who Supported Clinton. I hope the blood on your hands doesn’t stain your Soul.

And to those who tried to destroy my life.
Google NYPD to release the Hilary Clinton sex tapes. This is all about to kick off. It’s all about to come to pass. No-one would report it. Mainstream media hid the truth of what’s about to happen. The next few weeks are going to be so interesting so get your popcorn ready.

I think I said April in one of my posts last year. So….

To the supporters of Clinton and the Elites and to every single one of your mother fuckers who stole my training, who lied about me, tried to make out like I was scum, crazy, ripping people off, gossiped and turned their backs.

FUCK YOU! I’m crying with anger because I’m so angry I let all of you distract me from what mattered.

While I was trying to prove my theories, create a ground breaking Science and establishing a connection to the dead with my writings and teachings, I have had to deal with being dumped by my so called friends and family because I didn’t fit their idea of what I should be.

Because I chose my dead and my mission over being social.

I’ve lost so much income it’s not funny because I’ve worked my fingers to the bone on my Science instead of getting a normal job reading for people.

I’ve been threatened, laughed at, talked about and gossiped about even still to this day by former students who deemed me delusional and crazy.

Do you know two of them actually approached my ex husband because they feared for my children’s safety because I’d become caught up in my own delusion? All because I expected them not to be prejudice towards their fellow man? Or because they thought because their education meant they knew better than I their teacher.

I’ve been telling you all and telling you all and you all fucking bear ruined me and my life. You destroyed ANY and all faith I had in having ANYONE loyal in my life. Because of YOU CUNTS I TRUST NO-ONE but four people with my true gift.

You ain’t even seen the HALF of what I can do. Your just lucky I’m disciplined enough to control the poison in my sting. You tried to fuck with my family. You tried to pull students away from me. My loyal students.

You tried to ruin my reputation and destroy my career and my integrity got called into question many times and now it turns out all along I was right.

I’ve sat for 5yrs throwing the truth out on this blog on little more than a couple of hundred quid a month because I gave up doing readings which made me good money, to teach and perfect my Science and some of you wouldn’t even pay me the respect of paying what you promised every month leaving me to borrow or beg for money to buy my kids shoes or to put food on the table sometimes.

Or worse, you expect me to read or teach you for free knowing I have children and little income now.

You’ve unfollowed because you either didn’t get me or you couldn’t understand where I was coming from because your closer narrow tiny little minds couldn’t see past your religion or political beliefs to see the truth.

Which was this which you read below. Or WORSE STILL you claim my work as your own.

To my followers, fans and students who have stuck by me through it all, as you’ve watched me try to unravel this mess the dead showed me. To you who supported me, donated money, messages of support and who have been loyal to me and my dead without question, You light me up in every way. It is you who keep me strong, keep me fighting the fight for those who have no voice, living or dead.

I lay my life on the line for you and my beautiful dead.

To the rest of you who’s delusional now?

If I’m right about this……..I’m right about EVERYTHING else.

So just fuck the fuck off and let me do what I do best. You don’t need to be a part of this fight and your certainly no longer invited to be privy to any that comes before it or after it.

I know my dead. I know what’s coming and it is BAD. If you’ve closed your eyes to the truth you will have nowhere to run because even the mainstream media won’t be able to contain this one.

To anyone who supported this abomination called Clinton, I hope the guilt consumes you for years to come because you took to the Street to support this woman. You set buildings in fire, attacked people, and destroyed innocent people’s lives supporting this woman your about to see mutilating children sexually and physically. People, children, have died because of YOU.

Their blood is now in your hands.


Let me do what I do best and let me go be a voice for these dead because no-one else is doing it. So I’ll do it myself.

Fuck the lot of you.

I’m happier than I’ve ever been at any point in my life because I followed my compass even if it meant making a fool of myself in a public forum.

I’ve worked long, hard hours mostly for free, and spent days and months and years logging all my visions and interactions with the victims of the Elites with it netting me zero income because the truth needed to be told and I got nearly destroyed because what I was saying was offending your ears.

But you listen to me very carefully, every single one of you reading my words today.

When you see what’s about to come out, remember these are the children who have been coming tonne for years.

You’ve seen me document their visits for 5yrs. These will be the children on these tapes. I’ve proven this, and it will be proven some more that this is truth.

If I’m the only truth and light these poor souls have (because it’s not just children remember) then I’ll stand as tall as I can and be a beacon for truth because if I don’t do it who will?

So the question is, you will help me or stand in my way?

Because I will knock you down. I chose truth.

My children come first above all others. So either support me or go away so I can do what I do best.

But know not once did I lie about what they have been telling me. The proof of this is below.

Get ready people. Shit is about to get very real very fast and I’ve got a billion “I told you so’s” to come.

And I highly recommend anyone watching all of this unfold with children to avoid the news with them around.

Because I predicted many many scores people not being mentally equipped to handle the truth once it’s exposed and our children don’t need to see what’s been going on since the days of religion and politics conception.

I feel like the voices in my head and I are about to be vindicated in the highest.

And The Royal Family are next.

I’m not pro Trump, I’m not Pro anyone. I’m an Anarchist.

BUT when Trump is responsible for saving the lives of millions innocent men, women and children from a couple of millennials worth of tyranny and bringing to light the atrocities that lay hidden within that cabal then HELL YEAH I SUPPORT TRUMP .

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