My Fight Club were right on the money. I even said NYPD lol

I told you in previous posts my fight club had footage. That the NYPD who saw the videos were physically ill and needed therapy. I specifically said the NYPD lol I said I was told they had videos of children being torn to bits after having been raped and tortured and that the kids I know of in these videos were siblings and sold by their own fucking scum bag Mother.

Here’s a feminist fact for you.

Did you know children are 26 times more like to be killed by their Fathers but 800 times more likely to be killed by their Mothers? Well….I’m tired of being ignored. I’m getting angry now.

I fucking TOLD YOU, last year. I get called Nuts, well……the kids on these videos are in my house. They told me this stuff and he’s right. When you see what she’s done, you can’t deny it’s her or any of them.

The Clinton’s are going down. They whole lot parents because let’s not forget it’s not just politicians in these videos. It’s celebrities too.

Want me to name some?

And when you see what she’s done you’ll understand why Evil people have no soul or the protection of A Spirit Elder.

My Dead tell me everything. They leave no detail out unfortunately for me.

But this is proof. If you know my stuff you’ll know I said this. The living and the dead tell me stuff and my Fight Club don’t lie. They’re aren’t just the living you know.

I said The NYPD were going to be the heroes in all of this. Them and the soldiers and veterans with a touch of FBI thrown in for good measure.