A Warning from Myself and the Dead to the Living.

The days of reckoning are coming for darkness and light will fill the earth like never before and I promise you this…..I will be holding the biggest torch because I’m doing it with the victims of your darkness illuminating my path.

Finally an end to nearly 3 decades of painful visions is coming.

I would be very afraid if I was anyone who has hurt an innocent in any way be it financially, sexually, mentally, emotionally or physically. Your bodies will line the streets and the court houses across the globe.

If you have held a flag or belief that has taken in any way from anyone who speaks the truth, or is innocent.

If you gain financially from the suffering of others or our planet in a way that’s takes and gives nothing back.

If you say nothing when you know what’s going on.

If you say things that damage and destroy innocent people in any way.

If you take, steal or kill anything that isn’t your right to have or do.

If you find the suffering of the innocent entertaining.

If you have done anything in the name of the Occult practices or the dead to gain favour, wealth, fame, position or popularity.

If you have stolen the lives and minds of anyone or anything innocent (because hurting animals, plants, trees etc….counts as well don’t forget as I speak for them too)….for fame, profit, popularity, wealth, position, sport or entertainment.

If you seek to silence truth.

Your days are numbered.

I’m giving this until the end of April.

The darkness in you has gone far enough that even the dead have had enough and they came to me many years ago, some hadn’t even been born yet. Imagine a situation being so dire the future contacts the past to send warnings out.

My teacher told me when I discussed what to do about these visions back in 1999 when she came to stay with me that I could shout it from the roof tops and warn anyone I wanted to but it doesn’t mean they will listen.

So since 2013 I’ve been publicly warning people and got rewarded with being financially ruined, lost friends and family and was publicly ridiculed by people not even smart enough to work out my teachings are based on the process of my learning it as I go because no-one else does what I do. I’m setting a precedence with what I am. I have to follow my own lead, and be lead by my own actions and abilities.

I’m uncovering most of what I am as I learn it from the consciousness of the Universe.

As nuts as that sounds I’m beyond giving two fucks about what any of you think about me.

Judge me, hate me, laugh at me, gossip about me, make up lies and try to embarrass me or shame me in public.

I don’t care anymore. I’ll work and work and work and work and I’ll suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer because what I am, what I know, there is NO ONE who commands the respect of the dead better than I do and the dark side are totally my bitches and they know it.

They tell me just as much as the light side do because I understand how it works.

And the vibration has changed.

The dark side came and they told me they’re preparing to collect souls.

They’re making room in the darkness and they’re excited for the company.

I could curse all of those I’m warning you about to suffer a fate on earth like a scene from a horror movie to be honest.

I could destroy anyone I wanted with the stamp of my foot and two simple words.

But I don’t. Because then I’m no better than them if I do, because I’m an Ancient and it’s not in our DNA to hurt anyone and I’d lose my gift instantly if I did. But I would if I had to save innocent people.

BUT also because nothing I do to you, nothing I am, nothing anyone does to you here now, will be anywhere near as bad as what’s waiting for you on the other side when you die.

And some of you will start to get taken downwards long before your body ceases breathing.

Let’s see how far praying to God gets you when your doors being kicked in and mobs of angry people are tearing you limb from limb because they saw what you did to those children.

I’d rather die standing with a gun in my hand than on my knees in prayer because a gun protects my family.

It’s not just the children. They aren’t the only victims in all of this of course.

So whatever you’ve done wrong that you know you’ve done wrong, I’d start trying to redeem your soul if I was you because the day of reckoning is near and if you haven’t saved anything in the Bank of the Universe like I told you years ago……

Your days are numbered and whatever your Karma, you can bet your bottom dollar Spirit are coming to collect.

So you might have taken my income, my reputation, my friendship, and my loyalty away but you will NEVER take my light.

You can silence my words but never my voice.

You can try to extinguish my light but I’m solar powered baby, I get my light from the consciousness in the Universe so anything you do to me only makes me stronger and will only reflect back on you 10 times worse.

The Army of Darkness is being defeated in battle and I’m from a long line of soldiers.

I’m done being nice. I’m done with people contacting me pretending to be like me or pretending to want to be like me then run when they’re expected to be like me and do what I did to be me.

Your gonna be expected to put in the same amount of effort as everyone else because that’s how it works and you can’t buy your way into what I am. It takes discipline. Those who do see incredible results.

My students are growing exponentially in ability. Yes they’re my guinea pigs but it’s proof my dead know their shit.

Some of them are good enough to earn money now and one of them has only been training for a year because she does the work.

Of the students I have left there is only one who won’t be joining me.

I’m going to be more than happy to let them out into the world in the name of my society and that will be done this year because they’ll work with me on my shows and in my business and charity or using their gifts in their own way to help people which is what a white lighter does.

Otherwise wait for my show to come out but otherwise don’t waste my time.

I’m sick of false people coming into my life being all nice and adoring who think they can treat me, my Ancient society or my dead like shit because I tell them what they don’t want to hear but need to, don’t listen to or respect the process or sign contracts they don’t adhere to then get upset because they’re released for breaking contract. I don’t care who you are. A contract is a contract. I’m done being the push over because I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of dead people camping outside my head trying to find peace because of religion, politics, money, fame and power. I’m not fucking about anymore.

You don’t speak for them. You all close your eyes and ears to the truth of what’s out there which is why you all laugh at me and call me crazy.

Well guess what….we are in the end of days.

The apocalypse is coming. Darkness is trying one last attempt to sucker you all in to steal your souls and it comes in the form of Social Justice, Political and religious control and censorship and if you don’t listen without you paying attention they will take your children, take your freedom, take your money and your minds. Your handing them your lives an a platter and placing the apple in your own damn mouths and you do so freely.

Well these children who camp at my house, bringing your murdered missing masses with them didn’t ask for it like you do.

They were taken like it was a right that belongs to the rich powerful elites.

You have entire races of people being exterminated simply because they’re genetically more powerful paranormally than others and no-one cared because no-one actually really cares about First Nations folk.

You and your New Age practices, people who think it’s cool to help themselves to First Nation spiritual practices and beliefs but no-one is making sure their land isn’t being stolen for pipe lines or that they’re being exterminated.

If you did Thanksgiving would be where you actually gave THANKS to them instead of stuffing your self imposed ignorant faces with pie once a year if you did.

You do so because it wasn’t your ancestors so it doesn’t matter as long as you get your turkey cooked.

Maybe you should all be cooking for The First Nations people instead of because of them. When is First Nations history month?

They did save the Europeans from starvation after all which is ironic considering now you gorge on the food they taught you to harvest.

But I’m done…..I can’t sit watching them file into my house and do nothing until people listen on here.

So in taking it to the masses with students in tow and I do so because the ones left are the ones who do the work without question just like I did.

My most senior female is a POWERFUL gift. I can’t wait to work with her. But my second senior female is equally as gifted just has less experience using it but she’s getting there.

My clients who do my Psychic Life Coaching don’t count in this as they’re learning for personal power not because they want to be White Lighters and so their training is different. Less involved paranormally.

It’s not easy being around Death. It’s not easy being able to see and be in the fabric of time and it’s fucking hard.

This life with this gift has been painful and I’m not letting anyone who doesn’t earn the right to know the dead near my dead ANYMORE.

I’m coming with my megaphone and I’m educating everyone as loudly as I can with tits out and up and my mouth clear and booming because now I know these visions are real and this is for sure proof of what I’ve been trying to tell you all for years without barely any interest from most of you enough to want to support me and I’m done playing.

I’m getting ready to go to war with darkness because someone has to speak for the victims in all of this and I’m the only one who can.

I’ve been doing it for nearly 3 decades. Alone and if that’s how it’s got to be then so be it.

But either way, get ready because I’m coming, and I bring my legions with me.

Because the light is needed to kill the darkness and you can’t get a more stronger light than that of children.

I’m hell bent on saving lives be it living or dead.

Your either with me or your not.

If you can’t decide, I’ll decide for you. Because otherwise your just slowing me down. Just please don’t come to me wanting to learn if your not prepared to go through basic training or think I’ll give up my spare time doing it for free.

I’m charging because I am trying to save to get to America. I need to prove I can support my family and I’ve been asking for help from all of you to help contribute to helping me buy equipment so I can get these shows done so I can be in a better position to help as many people don’t like to read and I’ve been lucky to get some support but not enough to get anything done because no-one wants to pay for my work if they can get it for free right? So I’ll do it myself and that’s why I have to charge.

I have had to degrade myself to ask students for money because they can’t be fucked remembering to pay even though I put in the work with tests, classes and sessions and I’m not doing it anymore.

I’ve had a MASSIVE dose of reality because of these experiences I’ve been having with The Dead recently. I’ve been working closely with Spirit to find solutions to my needing to get this stuff out there because it’s at critical mass in my home with the dead and everything they’re showing me because we’re preparing for a war on evil.

This is no joke what is coming and the masses will need assurance so I’m going to do all I can to assure you all that’s it’s going to be ok. Even with all the blood about to be spilt it won’t compare in comparison to what’s already been spilt in the name of religion, progress, freedom, power, fame and government.

Because a man who isn’t free is no man at all, he is property of someone else.

So I have nothing to lose but my freedom for which I would pay for with my life.

Because I won’t allow myself to become someone else’s property.

Which is what Anarchist means.

“not belonging to a master”

But what’s happening in the world right now is exactly what’s happening. We’re being enslaved by censorship and control.

That’s how the darkness get you.

They must make you afraid in order to make you compliant.

Well……I’m not afraid……but they should be. 🙂

They should all be terrified and with the big financial crash about to happen as a result of everyone in finance being arrested it’s not like they can buy their way out of it because their money will be gone.


Oh well……maybe they’ll qualify for food stamps and section 8 housing lol

I’d love to see those Kardashian prostitutes living in the South Side lol

I despise them in every way.

Lady Gaga and her mafia Dad living in Harlem lining up for food from the salvation army food van.

But they’ll be the only ones because the rest will be living in the houses my charity Life Beyond will be building for them all lol

And I can’t wait.

Because the mighty are falling.

My Fight Club are real.

And the Geek shall inherit the earth.

But let this be a warning to anyone who thinks they can come into my life to learn what I am without putting in any effort.

You get one chance and one chance only and then your gone.

Don’t pretend to admire me, don’t pretend to be a fan then get pissed off or hurt because you failed to do simple things like card tests or turn up for sessions, don’t come to me thinking it’s going to be for free because you’ll get let down.

I work my mother fucking ass off for my students, clients and dead.

My blog is the medium with which to get it out there and it links to all my social media.

I have trusted only two people in my entire with the truth of what is real because they earned it.

They’re now left shell shocked and my little coven of Witches and my one Warlock are getting ready to come find anyone and everyone living or dead that needs us because I promise you this.

After what’s coming…..the world is going to need it.

Don’t ever try to use me or my dead because I’m not playing any more. I’ve been kicked down for the last time.

Like everybody else in this war against light and dark I’m going to fight for humanity and I’ll do I through what I know I can do which is teach and educate those to have the connection and understanding of death the way I do because then after it’s all over they won’t be so afraid any more.

I’m of course not talking about anyone wanting sessions, or guidance. I’m talking about people who want to be taught then don’t want to pay or do the work.

What I’m about is far too important to be kept back by waiting for someone to get online for a prearranged session then doesn’t bother to turn up.

Your being handed the key to the Universe and you can’t even be arsed turning the fuckin key yourself.

So…..I’ve changed the locks.

I might be a stoner but I pay attention to EVERY that matters. My students know this only too well.

I’m putting this post up because I’m about to change everything. My blog won’t be up much longer. It’s getting changed. I will be too busy doing my shows, setting up my business and charity, getting myself a public platform and looking after the scared, abandoned, lonely, suicidal, forgotten huddled masses. I won’t have time to write anymore because I need to go where I’m needed most which is out into the world. No more hiding. My students are coming with me.

So you’ll be able to come here for help but the content is getting stripped back.

I’m giving the respect where I get it and America is where I get it most.

And India lol

SIDE NOTE: I’m putting it out there here and now…..

I think I’m going to India. I have been saying it for a while but I think I’m going to get invited to India. My two seniors and I at some point.

South and Central America, Australia also.

I’ve seen us on buses recording all sorts of stoner, paranormal hilarity with love, heartache, grief and healing thrown in.

Stopping at lakes and stuff to camp before getting to the next State.




Dream: me and you and others were in a Miss Indian NC contest, I was pissed cause I wasn’t assigned a tutor, so I dropped out, you went on to compete. While you were competition someone who had a crush on me gave me a card, it was cute. You went up on stage with the girls blushing and all excited to compete. After the competition I went outside, I have no idea where you were, I didn’t see you after that. Planes started falling out of the sky, First a commercial liner, everyone lived, I saved a very flexible elderly woman. Everyone from the contest had already left but a handful of us. I was pissed none were there to see me save people. Then all kinds of planes started to fall from the sky all around us, but seemed to just miss us. In the sky the planes looked like fancy planes and jets, but when they fell they were all rickety and old. Then someone pulled up in a black and red old RV type thing and took me to work, but I was late. A guy and a boy approached me and gave me silver coins and said he had a ring for me but I didn’t get a chance to see it. He had a huge crush on me.

She even mentions Indian ie First Nations and my premonition about us going to India and the RV, saving people from the elites (the luxury jets) etc…..she’s the one I just wrote about, my second female senior who will be helping me who is SO good she could do this now after only a year of learning.

Because when you do the work and put in the effort we connect like neurones and it stays forever.

This girl feels me and I feel her. I will carry her with me all my life.

But you’ve seen her and I connect like this before. My Pixie.

THAT is how good the training is when you do the work.

I’m chuffed to bits and it’s cool because she was fast asleep dreaming at the time I wrote the article.

Who’s crazy now bitches?

4 thoughts on “A Warning from Myself and the Dead to the Living.

    • I know Baby, you’ve been a follower for a very long time. But you know it’s not you I speak of. I’m talking about those who know EXACTLY who I’m talking about. I’m never not going to be here for people. It’s the masses I’m here to protect. Not the ignorant few who don’t respect the dead enough to be civil to the living trying to help them.

    • I’m so angry because when I made that post about the NYPD being heroes in this I got harassed by vile people who said I was supporting a Nazi police state. But I knew there were some who were suffering and will suffer as much as me because they’re witnessing pure evil to bring justice to these evil bastard’s.
      I lost students because I got called delusional and a conspiracy nutter by my OWN STUDENTS because of this I speak of that is now coming to light to be truth. So now all my predictions are coming true I’m walking away with my head held high and anyone who supported us through it all will be taken care of in the highest and those who didn’t………can live safe in the knowledge that because of their narrow minded, bigoted points of view, their lazy attitudes and disrespect for the dead…..they got to express their opinions at the cost of losing so much more than they ever gained calling me nuts. No-one is talking on behalf of these victims except me because everyone else in my industry sat gossiping on sofas and putting me down instead of paying attention. I’ll drag myself there with bloody stumps for fingers by myself if I have to but see when I hit the mainstream? My tits and I will be BRUTAL with the truth. People in the mainstream are going to HATE me as much as some of my ex students and readers do lol my tits and are will be a force of nature lol mixed with my mental and my mouth lol I’ll come get you when I get it sorted and you can come be a student on a scholarship. Ok my little Irish Empath.

      • Thanks Debbie. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸