A Classic Example of Poltergeist Activity in my Home.

My home is FULL of sick and injured children both living and dead.

I’ve had 4 weeks of skeleton sleep because first my Ex was ill and I couldn’t sleep listening out for him choking in his sleep, then he boys got it too.

My youngest doesn’t seem to have it as bad and my eldest has been checked out twice because he just vomits every time he coughs because he sucks in so much air trying to breathe he chokes and vomits.

He’s only 9 and if you’ve ever watched a child turn purple it’s the most terrifying experience.

At one point last night I resorted to my Plunket training to help him breath by throwing freezing cold water on his back to shock him into taking a breath.

That’s how bad it was.

So I’ve had a total of 50 hours sleep in 4 weeks now and I’m so tired I’m seeing time as one. I’m not even joking.

But also remember I’m still working, writing, teaching, coaching and trying to raise funds to buy equipment so I can make better YouTube content AS WELL AS dealing with these Spirits camping in my home like the scene from Shrek when the Fairytale Creatures park up at his house.

My husband is in Prison sitting really important exams I’m helping him with for his Associates Degree and it’s just mental here.

However through it all while exhausted, I’m happy.

Yes I keep thinking I’m living in the future because I’m seeing things in the future so clearly my brain thinks it’s living it lol but it’s all just normal things. Lol time slips are big for me right now.

But I’m calm, I’m happy, I’m positive, I’m in love, my boys need their Mummy so I’m TOTALLY loving the cuddles and feeling needed because my boys are high IQ and very independent and have been since birth so feeling needed so bad is the happiest day if my life.

My baby was walking at 8 months and talking in complete sentences at 11months old.

But throughout the last week I’ve have had a series of odd events happen that on the surface to anyone on the outside looking in would be classified as Poltergeist Activity and I’m sharing it with you because then you can identify it for what it is which is not as Spirits, Ghosts and Demons but as kinetic energy released from stress or release of pent up energy which is EXACTLY what Poltergeists are.

So the chair in my exes office moved right across the floor.

I was in the bath, just had a work out and it has been snowing so it was freezing so I had a bath instead of a shower. My boys were playing in their room on their GPDs and watching BoobTube (I call it that and you’ll know why if you’ve seen MY BoobTube videos, my boobs just take over the whole show lol).

My exes office is directly under the bathroom.

I heard his chair move clear across the floor and so did my boys. To the point where they went to investigate it (they’re not afraid of dead people, they try to cross them over bless them or they let them sit in their room until I’m done in mine because the Spirits don’t really like coming into my room even though they know they can, they’re just polite dead people, it’s only the kids who come in, the adults will only come in as far as the door or if a child or my son’s bring them in or its urgent).

They said his chair was by the door which means it moved a good 3 feet.

My cat was in the bathroom with me sitting on the side of the bath getting kisses because he’s been SOOOO protective of me. He won’t leave my side and when I leave his he becomes hysterical and calls out Mummy to me until he finds me then tells me off for leaving his side then sticks to me like glue.

So there is no real explanation to it moving. Yes I have Spirits in my home but they don’t need to resort to moving things to get my attention. They have it. They know this. They know the tiny world that watches this blog have their attention. They know you read their plight trust me.

So it suits no purpose to waste energy moving a chair in a room no-one is in.

Then I was partaking before a session who has paid me to session that way because of how accurate I am when I read an energy and I’ve done this a billion times. I have a routine.

It consists of me sparking up, headphones on, getting into the mindset of reading the energy behind the questions blah blah and letting the DMT take over my time space with my phone by my side.

It was charging and was playing The Cure, The Cult, Talking Heads, New Order, Dead Kennedy’s etc… (I’m going through a childhood music stage of my training, with some Drum and Bass, Dub Step, Electronic like Moloko, Basement Jaxx etc…thrown in. Was never a fan until now, now I can’t stop).

And I’d been rewinding one of my favourite songs of all time “Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure who I ADORE and always have done my whole life” I’d done it four times and my phone was by my side where it always is when I read.

I’m OCD for working. I have to have everything a certain way.

I went to grab my phone to rewind the song and my phone was gone.

So I’m singing away on my phone “I would do most anything to get you right by my side” etc

I naturally thought it was fallen down which would of been odd because of where it was positioned but not impossible so I leaned over the bed to retrieve my phone and it wasn’t there.

Not only was it not there but when I grabbed the phone my phone wasn’t even on but the music was still playing in my headphones.

My phone was charging in its USB socket next to my bed, and I found it across the room by my exercise bike and the chord was wrapped around the entire circumference of the phone like it was being packed up for travel.

I didn’t have the volume high because of needing to hear my boys, I would of heard the phone drop, but that doesn’t explain how the chord unplugged from the USB socket still attached to the phone landing across the room and wrapping the three times around the phone.

My boys were in the living room. I asked them if they’d come upstairs and tripped on the chord to which I was told they hadn’t been up stairs since brushing their teeth.

Then the Xbox One in my room just shut itself off mid watching Too Wong Fu Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar which is one of my favourite films of all time. But it just shut down. Alexa turned on when it can only be used for Bluetooth, the boys GPDs play funny buggers every time they’re charging in my room etc….so it’s safe to say the activity is centered around me because I’m exhausted.

I immediately sent my honing beacon out to see which Spirit it was an no-one claimed responsibility.

There is always a certain feeling you get when it’s a real life dead person. There is a connect. You feel it in your entire being. There’s no fear or anything negative when it’s an actual dead person.

The dead just aren’t scary like that. I felt nothing. No him, no ping back, no nothing every time.

So I know it’s me causing it. It’s only been in the last month, since my boys were ill.

So it’s me causing it. From exhaustion, because telekinetic energy is powered by emotion and Poltergeists are the result of an exhausted or troubled mind.

By troubled I mean have things going on in their life they aren’t coping with very well.

More common in teens and tweens because of the angst one suffers as a teen but not exclusive to teens and pre teens. It’s just more common in the youth because they’re on the edge of becoming human. They’re on the brink of leaving the comfort of being a nurtured Spirit (child) to being an Adult. The teen or beTwEEN stage is them breaking out of Spirit self and going into human self. We don’t really start living as we set out to before our journey begins until we get out of puberty. That’s why it’s so important we give teenagers all the respect and nurturing we can because it’s the most crucial stage of our growth as humans.

If we get it wrong we create disaster in these kids. They need to be listened to and nurtured because it’s at this stage when most Spirits will decide to jump ship and do a reset if the journey doesn’t go right. (Suicide).

When a Spirit chooses to cancel their journey at the teenage state it’s not good for us at all.

Teenagers are the future. They’re the ones who will look after the next generation and the previous generation. They’re the balance.

The chemicals in a teenagers brain read off the chart. Science cannot explain why their brains change so much during the teenage state and I know it’s because they’re physically switching from Spirit to human.

Just like how a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly. It changes from one species into another while in the cocoon or chrysalis stage. That’s a teenager.

I was just taught that one recently. It has made me see my children so differently. It’s actually improved our relationship.

But when you have that kind of power at your fingertips and it’s not nurtured or respected it is turned into telekinetic energy. Stress, bullying, school, complex relationship’s, divorce, parents being too busy making money they forget who they’re supposed to be doing it for, addicted parents, homeless, hunger, illness, depression etc….in the mind of a Teenager is loading a gun and telling them not to shoot the intruder if they attack. It’s impossible.

That energy has to go somewhere so it fires off like energy bullets and hits the objects most capable of absorbing the energy.

So objects get moved, voices get heard, sounds are made……and that is why it’s called Poltergeist or in English from German “Noisy Ghost”.

Only not a Ghost but they didn’t know that back then.

But you do now because I learned you.


When I get the equipment I need I’ll show you all of this on camera.

I love my dead so much. They learn me the best stuff in the best way.

I love my life. I can’t wait for the next chapter which is terrorising you all publicly but living in New York lol

No more hiding myself away. I’m coming out of hiding to do what has to be done for my dead so I can help the living not be afraid of it anymore.

I just need your help to do it (followers, fans, clients, etc…).

Coz without your support I’m just a crazy lady with big boobs just talking to a screen about the voices in her head lol

But do you see why my Teacher forbid me from using Telekinesis?

Because if I’m like this happy but tired can you imagine what I’m like angry?

And my gift can NEVER be used with negative emotion because I might explode someone lol

Telekinesis is as commonly used by humans as much as Telepathy is and people don’t even realize it.

It’s easier to blame the dead than it is to understand the forces of the Universe.

Well luckily for my students, the Universe is my bitch and I learnt it by going through it so my students and client’s wouldn’t have to.

It’s one of the LAST stages of training in my class. Medianship comes before Telekinesis because the dead are easier to master.

You need to be disciplined and in complete control to master the ability and most the students and clients I had couldn’t even be bothered to do a 3min card test on request or book a session so there is no way in hell they were ever going to get taught the power of moving objects with their mind.

With great power comes great responsibility and if your not even respectful enough to your Teacher to even do a simple 3min card test or book a session, your going to get removed.

I won’t teach just anyone. I can’t any more. Too many people want to connection without any of the effort.

Buying your way into classes won’t work because I’ll just remove you once I cotton on.

It doesn’t matter to me who you are to me, if you disrespect the ancient process of learning to master the world between life and death your going to be removed.

I’m the Drill Sargent, and NO-ONE gets to the Universe but through me.

My people are Guardians.

If you don’t look for the key to unlock the secrets, you AIN’T getting in.

If it’s been good enough for my ancestors and teachers before me, for centuries then it’s good enough for you.

But don’t complain when you get removed for not doing the work.

There is a very clear and defined process to this which I’ve taken and tweaked to suit modern understanding taking it from religion into Science.

Nothing you read from me here will be like learning hands on from me in life. Because I leave out all the important bits.

You don’t mess with the Paranormal and Telekinesis is the most powerful, most dangerous thing you’ll ever learn from me even more than The Craft.

Because the craft is created by design, telekinesis is manifested by emotion.

One can be controlled, the other can’t because even someone as disciplined as I am can’t control it yet and I probably never will because I’m a Scorpio. I’m the MOST emotional sign out there.

I can’t control how I feel most of the time and no longer stop myself from feeling because it helps me decipher my connection to Spirit and the Universe.

And in turn I teach what I know to those who pay.

And this is done because it shows who is genuinely interested in learning or not. Those that can’t afford it yet are still chosen to be taught get lessons for free but earn it in other ways by running errands for me and such because they’re mostly American students and clients or have connections there and my husband is there and sometimes I need to send him things that are quicker done from there.

Or they’ll help me with social media or technical things because I don’t care for any of it and have no time for it.

I have no interest in being social, I just want to think, learn, teach and help those with what I teach.

I have three females I consider a friend outside of my two best friends who are both male and one semi best friend who my ex got in the divorce but we share joint custody of who is male.

But I find that people who pay or work it off take it more seriously.

Having said that, see once I’m out there being the Oprah of The Paranormal World? Your gonna see me everywhere.

Because what I know works and it’s saving lives. So my army of Empaths and Light Workers (in the true sense of the word) will be hitting your screens making you gasp, laugh, cry, get scared and feel safe.

My arms are long, my shoulders wide and my Bossom ample.

You know I gotchu…….

If you’ve got me too.