Why Evil People Have No Souls.

Firstly I’d like to apologize for my lack of presence in the last couple of weeks.

My family have been ill with this flu going around and it landed my eldest at the hospital. The coughing causes them to choke and they can’t breathe then vomit.

As a Mother I feel utterly helpless. I’m awake every single night watching them like hawks and I’m exhausted. Now my eldest is out of the woods my baby is starting to have trouble now so I’m totally Jewish Mum.

My work has slowed down because my babies will always be my number 1 priority. I know you all understand. I’ll be back next week to my normal schedule I’m sure. But please don’t drink the water. I believe they put it in the water. I warned you about this in 2014/2015 at the time I predicted David Cameron’s resignation.

But before I go and have a nap (while my ex can be with Bert and Ernie) having been up all night I’d like to document this vision being shown to me by the latest arrivals and explain something to you as I go.

It looks like concrete bunkers, basements or dungeon looking rooms that have nothing but chains.

I think it’s connected to the boy who was whipped. It looks the same but there’s no rock. I’m just reporting what I’m seeing. It looks like a dark, concrete, brick or stone room like a dungeon to be honest.

They call it the dungeon. It has chains on the walls and the children are put in these during and AFTER they have their bones broken.

Ages range from about 4-9 but these children aren’t fed well so their ages are guesses.

I know one girl told me she thinks she was 9 but she looks 5-6 she’s so small.

The arms, shoulder joint, legs, ribs, broken on purpose. They’re not given any treatment and they are left in pain I can’t even describe and do it justice.

Laying helpless unable to move until the bones heal. When we find survivors I promise most will have healed fractures.

They’re on islands a lot of them.

But it’s done on purpose out of hatred.

These people doing this have hate in their hearts and minds.

It’s the kind of behaviour that I know the second it began for these evil bastard’s they lost their Souls, their Spirit Elders stay up until they cross that line then they’re deserted.

That’s why when these monsters die they go to the dark place. It’s dark because the light is really removed from their Souls.

Their SE abandons hope. Your SE guides your every waking, living, breathing moment. To be abandoned by your SE is pretty much being condemned to damnation.

They aren’t protected in life, death or when they sleep. They are completely abandoned essentially starting their punishment in life before death.

I’ve seen what happens to a person who dies without a Soul or is abandoned by The Light (Spirit) and it’s terrifying.

The suffering they caused in life consumes them as they die. It’s made worse by the fact that as they die they become Spirit so they see their guilt as they die and realise what is going to happen.

Racked with pain unlike anything on earth, racked with guilt and fear beyond all reason they start to get pulled downwards with such force it’s like being slammed against concrete as you fall into death.

Then darkness covers like light that you had and next thing you know your in total darkness but surrounded by every ounce of pain and suffering you caused in life but with the consciousness of what they were before they were evil.

It’s pure torture. It’s hell but without Satan and his band of merry men. Hell at least has heating and you can see where your going because of the fires of hell burning. But in actuality it’s nothingness.

Cessation of everything including guidance and your left to your own devices to get yourself out of it.

TOTAL abandonment.

But with the pain they caused in life to guide them out of darkness and into the light if they learn their lessons.

They’ll do this by helping the living by trying to serve as a warning to what is out there if you don’t stop being stupid with life or doing things like Seances and Ouija etc…..

If they help you mend your ways they go up a level.

BUT that’s for the average bad guy.

These people who have been doing this has part of the Cabal will never return.

I can make a few I know have already started the process of being taken down to the dark. I say down because when you die and go to dark place you feel like your being pulled down with such a force of gravity it’s terrifying and heavy. You have no control over it.

However it’s not a down like hell is down and heaven is up. It’s just explained that way to describe the process of death depending on the light around you.

In actuality the bad ones walk among us but in total darkness.

All dead see the light, not all go to it ie trapped Spirit but all dead see the light.

Except the darkest.

And what these people are doing to these children and innocents is darkest on the highest level.

Now….if you’ve read my post “Does Hell exist” you’ll know I was taken down and given a telling off and I’m practically perfect in every way lol hahaha jk lol

But my past life I’m convinced I was a serial killer and this life saving lives and helping people understand death is my sentence to make up for the lives I took.

I was shot by my own men I think. I was shot from behind, in the back and side. When I was born I was born with holes in my spine and birth marks in the spots where I was shot.

I deserved to die. I don’t blame them.

I’ll take this sentence and hopefully I’ve turned it around as Debbie.

I’ll be fucked off if I haven’t lol I’ll kick the darkness in its stupid dark front if I go back after all I’ve been through as Debbie. Lol

But let this be a warning to you. If I’m practically perfect in every way as Debbie and I still got pulled down and reminded of my journey then the average person needs to take notice.

Because I’ve had 45yrs of servitude to mastering death and my connection to it, helping people and trying to be a good person. I’m far from perfect but I think I’m a good person and I got taken down.

So sort your wrongs out now people.

Because I NEVER want to see the place I know exists if you don’t go to the light.

Because it’s a privilege not awarded to everyone, even Normie Norms.

Dying and going to the light is a privilege not awarded to EVERYONE even seemingly good people like me and you.

I think I retained some of my devil like qualities in this life as her though by making myself Scorpio lol