The Dead Women Come Now

They’re bringing females to me now.

The kidnapped and the birthed for purpose females.

These women are western looking, gaunt, confused, heart broken.

These women were taken walking home from nights out, taken from work, in parks out jogging, just going about their business.

I watch YouTube constantly in the background with those Top 5 Most Disturbing blahs caught on camera, or Unsolveds and Missing, Mystery ones etc….my YouTube history is nothing but that stuff and SJW/Antifa/Feminist/Cat/Dog fails for comedy because when your around death as much as I am you need a good laugh after.

But I watch these videos to solve them. I’m getting really good now at looking at the photo or video and seeing if their alive or dead and why they were taken ie sex trafficking, killed by the boyfriend, gang related, seen something they shouldn’t of etc…..

For example That boy found dead rolled up in the gym mat at school was the schools involvement in organ theft.

I have questions about this boys genetics and medical background because his organs were taken for some genetic thing he had. They were used for a medical purpose.

Elisa Lam was an MK Ultra experiment gone wrong.

The Hotel knows EXACTLY what happened because they’re connected to the Elites in every way and have taken lives in that hotel before. Known serial killers have stayed there and you know my theory on most Serial killers.

I could talk about it all day.

This stuff…….it gives me a hard-on lol

Solving these crimes I mean. Helping these people get closure. Most of them stay trapped until they’re voice is heard. Just so that someone knows the truth.

And when it comes to death you can’t get more truthful.

I am a big fat dose of truth to the living for the dead.

And see that Highway of Tears?

And the Zodiac Killer etc….I am pretty sure I know the killers and what’s going on based on what the victims have told me.

This is why Scorpios make the best Homicide Detectives, Private Eyes, Judges, Lawyers, Scientists etc…we rule Death and we stop at nothing to get the truth.

And there is no greater truth to me than my dead.

And these women are coming now.

And I shall speak their truth, I shall speak all of their truth.

It’s the least I can do considering their sacrifice for the greater good of this planet.

Remember when I first talked of the cleansing I said every time you hear someone has died in this whole thing give thanks because without realising it they’re martyring themselves for freedom, truth and justice for all so that we all can be free?

Well………..these are all those people.

They’ve been doing it for centuries. That’s how long this evil has been roaming this earth.

But it’s nearly over.

Soon we can bring these people home, to rest, to heal, to be memorialized, buried, honoured, remembered and cherished in memory and in Spirit whatever their case may be.

Why does West Virginia keep coming up?