A New Dawn feeling

I can’t explain what in feeling right now.

But something good this way comes.

A have been awake most nights for three weeks because of three sick males in my home and it’s been exhausting because I never got this bug going around.

So I lay in bed with my headphones on thinking and paying attention to everything around me because spirits hide out of distrust so I always let them know my signals are on and they can come in any time they’re ready and so here I sit, monitoring my son’s breathing and all of a sudden I felt like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

An excitement for what the day brings but also an anticipation for tomorrow. I don’t mean that in the literal sense of course.

I feel like something good has just happened and the Universe is excited about it. Cogs of change finally kicking in and gaining momentum and now good things will come.

Like the hard part is over and the answers are there in front and now there’s no fears or worries and tomorrows are going to be the best because it’s going to bring nothing but good things. Good changes, then life can begin exactly how it was seen and predicted. Which is awesome.

But for whom?

But while we’re on the subject, in feeling the urge to purge, and pack crap.

I actually feel like I should be packing a bag but have no clue why.

But this weekend im spring cleaning. Im not keeping anything I haven’t used or worn in over a year and that includes furniture and cupboard crap.

Im not keeping anything I can’t take with me. Precious items only.

Feeling the urge to make more videos too but I just don’t have the right gear yet but I will soon enough.

So we shall see what happens from here.

But I feel a celebration coming on.

Just don’t know if it’s personal or global.