European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 Was A Controlled Demolition.

Who’s a Conspiracy Nut now? I just want you to know you made me suffer. You took so much from me. And now I’m getting the last laugh. I’m so happy. The truth of who you all really are set me free. I cannot put into words how liberated I feel. I’ve been sleeping like the dead (no pun intended) since I had my graduation. Like…..nothing bad is out there anymore. I see only the good in what’s coming. I’m having deep, deep sleeps like a baby. I feel SO good.

I see it all so clearly now. To walk around with nothing in front of me but good things. To see the world we get to have after all this is over is just so liberating.

I think the word I want to use is Nirvana. With all my training I’ve found Nirvana. I understand the concept. But it’s Spiritual Nirvana. As in The Found The Essence of MY Spiritual Perfection. No-one but you can find your Spirits. Well and me……but I’m only teaching my students how lol

I figured out how in January. I finally perfected the techniques. I’m gonna patent it so no-one can steal my work.

It’s Official: European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 Was A Controlled Demolition

Yoga Is A Lie. It’s Military Training Exercises. Truth 10

All this time you thought you were doing it for peace and it’s an exercise for training soldiers. Lol see….you all embrace this stuff not know the origins of it and it makes me laugh then get angry because you have no clue your being sold a lie. You pay money to train in a form of combat thinking it’s for peace lol feel like dicks do ya?

It has NO origins in India. It’s Swedish and Danish in origin. Depending on your source and is Military Training. You’ve been sold a Lie.