When someone helps themselves to my content they take from dead children.

I know they say Imitation is the highest form of flattery and it is but when it comes to my work I get very annoyed if someone takes my work and rewrites it then passes it off as their work.

I get upset not because they’re copying me but because when they copy me they have no clue nor experience on the subject with which they speak.

I understand that the Paranormal is a “FUN” subject EVERYONE has an opinion on but my blog is a series of journal entries currently being used to help me decipher the words of murdered children.

EVERY post in my blog is because of what I’m being taught by The Dead and Spirit. If you follow my work you’ll of been on this deciphering journey with me as well. It’s been a journey together for quite a few of us and this is fact because you tell me in sessions.

No-one is doing what I do, if I have a video or article up its to verify and confirm what the dead have been telling me.

It’s marking off something they said back in my other content and it’s verifying my claim.

At the moment, for the last 2yrs those dead have been victim of child sex/slavery trafficking and that bothers me.

It bothers me because I change my theories often, I don’t often understand clearly what I’m seeing at first but post it to document it and what I post has put me under surveillance by a couple of agencies.

And in the wrong hands my stuff is dangerous. Life taking/affecting dangerous knowledge. If you open a door you can’t close, it’s on you. I won’t fix it for you. You no not the dark side. I at least have their respect. I know how to manipulate the energy. They respect me because they fear me because they know I’ve got their number. I tell you all enough to keep you safe. But what we are dealing with is as dark and evil as it gets. They treat animals better than these children.

I do what I do understanding the clear, orderly instructions of my Boss and I do it knowing the risks.

Do you?

What I am entering into is dark deep waters and is already losing me work and friends because im so focused on getting what I want from all of this that Im neglecting frivolity. Im determined to end this for these victims of the elites, living and dead, young, old, serving, retired, Christian, Jew etc…….

But Im the only one speaking for the children. So if they tell me things and I find clips to support their claim, it’s them you steal from.

There are three of you who help yourself to my work to pass off as your own. I’ve read your work.

Your rewrites are confusing and misleading. Im not even sure if one of you is speaking English because it’s like you’ve taken my words and put them into a thesaurus then chosen a random word from the list.

My techniques are ones I’ve developed over my entire life. I’ve studied and observed every aspect of death and know the dead better than anyone alive or dead and I’ll argue that point to anyone who begs to differ.

I admit I know fuck all about everything but when it comes to death I know it better than anyone.

So if you want to steal the answers go ahead and cheat. But you deal with the consequences of cheating.

None of you pay for my content. I had the option to charge for my posts and decided against it because I was afraid someone suicidal or a child might not have access to a post that could save them so I said not to do it.

Im sitting going through this barely surviving as I write this shit down and expose myself to ridicule and now government agency surveillance.

Im getting no sleep because im being woken by children telling me their story, bringing through the homeless, missing and vanished aka the forgotten victims in all of this, telling me clues to uncover this apocalyptic tragedy to human kind and documenting the events with clips and articles to confirm their claims and your all just like “Yoink!!!”.

So be it on your head.

Im just getting to the point where Im close to just shutting this down and going back underground with the cleansing stuff because it’s hard enough being responsible for the words of the dead, I won’t be responsible for yours either.

Just be it on your head. At least give them source credit. Then at least they didn’t die to make you look popular and clever with your borrowed knowledge.