The Littlest Trump

Why am I always worried about him?

It bothers me. I feel a need to protect him.

No-one would target a child right?

I hope I am wrong.

I just keep hearing “protect the left side” over and over.

It’s like he’s waiting to get into a car.

My heart is pounding.

He’s ok though. I never see harm. I know whatever im feeling he’s ok at the end of it but the fear leaves a mark that’s far reaching within the family.

No-one would get close enough to the President’s youngest child I imagine so maybe I’ll over thinking something. I can’t imagine for one minute Mr Trump wouldn’t have his top people on his kids. I am just documenting it I guess. If in not seeing the bigger picture I will at some point. But it’s here first.

But I can’t stop thinking about this boy.

And the man in the Hawaiian shirt.

Im just glad he’s ok because I don’t want to be the crazy lazy who rings the White House to leave a prediction with front desk then end up surrounded by cop cars.