Child Spirit Number 7

He’s been coming to me for two days but I never got a clear image of him until yesterday. My boys have been ill so im being Mum more than writer/weirdo at the moment.

But I know he was whipped Cheeses style.

He was bound by the wrists and placed chest down over a square rock that looked like the sorcerer’s stone. It was square but with rounded edges. It looked carved at, chipped at to look natural but the top of the rock was flat. It was large enough that no average guy could lift it.

Rope bound each wrist and they were being held into place on either wall.

He’s being whipped and he’s used to it to the point where he learned not to cry years ago.

But he’s weak, he’s ill, he’s willed his death. He knows it’s never going to end for him until he’s dead so he’s just letting himself die.

He’s about 9/10yrs old. He’s got dark brown hair. He’s just laying on top of this rock giving up and he’s happy for the first time in 8yrs because he knows the next whip ends it.

And now he’s here with me. I have incredible pain in my right upper jaw like my teeth were being removed.

I know this sounds fucked up…but he says they do it to minimise the effects of being bitten during forced oral sex because of gag reflexes.

I’ve never heard of this but if he says it in not going to doubt it one bit.

Im gathering people to help me now. They just refuse to leave until they’re all together. No man left behind.

It’s beautiful but it’s got to be done soon because my boys are inundated with contact and it’s making them anxious to send them to peace.

I hope this ends soon. There is only so much I can take.