The Bali Volcano post

The reason I took the post down is because I saw this eruption 1hr after it happened if you work out the time line. Even though I don’t watch the news and had no idea it was going on at the time I can’t prove it so I’d rather remove the post than have anyone think I cheated.

But I still maintain the US Volcano theory. But I’m now wondering if it’s metaphoric not figurative.

We will see though. Bali is a few hours a head and at the time I tweeted about the volcano the eruption had happened an hour prior and I didn’t know. But I can’t prove I didn’t so I’m removing the post but I also know that if this happened then Spirit are saying I’m off base and it’s not Bali they were talking about. Because when it’s right, it’s right. It fits and sits like a puzzle piece in time and this didn’t.

So I’m withdrawing my claim it’s Bali because I’m not convinced it was and would rather admit I got it wrong with Bali than lose integrity over the claim.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as I correct my behaviour.

ALWAYS trust your gut even if you lose face doing it.

An honest mistake is better than a deceptive fact.