Maybe Australia IS the 5th country after all.

There’s a LOT of woke there and the government IS the bitch of the elites, Canada too, even New Zealand is falling victim to the American curse which was put on them by you know who. They all share the same lineage.

So maybe I was right all along aye? I shouldn’t of doubted myself. I just could never see how a seemingly innocent country like Australia could be so involved in something dark.

I grew up for a bit in Western Australia. It’s an incredible country. The people are so honest and unafraid to be who they are. Friendly, patriotic, love cars, beer and BBQs and they’re freaks at swimming lol

How could they kidnap children and destroy the indigenous ancestors for power and gain? They’d never use them for ritualistic purpose.

There is no smoke without fire. So I’d like to state for the record I now firmly believe Australia is the 5th country to come undone in the cleansing. I’m removing North Korea because they are coming apart regardless of whether we have a cleansing or not.

UK, America, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia.

Europe will fall when the UK does.

The death of a monarch will bring almost civil war because anger will follow controversy.

I’m telling you, Charles will never be King for long if at all. He’s going down along with the others. I always see Buckingham Palace smashed up.

But I digress.

Does ANY of this sound familiar?

10 Conspiracy Theories From Down Under

They’re trying to start trouble Australia, be careful. Your better than that. You built an entire nation off the backs of those society said we’re unfit for a civilized society.

Don’t go down that path. Your better than this. Don’t take the bait.

There are enough beasts on your land trying to kill you. Your being set up Australia just like America.

Why Australia? The Mines, the Indigenous bloodlines, proximity to Asia plus the abundant terrestrial positioning.

The elites are obsessed with terrestrial beings. The Indigenous folks of nations are more sought after. Native, Inuit, Tribal, African, Maori, Aboriginal whatever your Indigenous folks are etc….all Ancient bloodline. All connect to death and ET acceptance but none more so than First Nations and Aboriginal and still to this day it continues.

I’m not wrong about this. The First Nations people are our terrestrial ancestors in living form. I know it sounds nuts……..but I just know they are. They’re special. The most special of us all and in the new world they will shine brighter than any star in the sky.

They will rise with their wisdom and heal the world. They’ve been patiently waiting for their day to come and have endured too much yet here they will stand.

The Eagle, The Bear, The Wolf, The Horse, The Crow, The Buffalo.

Healing the world as though their heartache never existed.

They’re just that innocent of Spirit.

MEDIA RELEASE: Death of Karoly (Charles) Zentai

It’s ALL connected, I’m telling you.