In theory couldn’t I create an engine run off telekinetic energy?

Kinetic energy can be harnessed. It can be measured and contained. This I know for a fact. I’ve studied it my entire life. Orbs are a prime example of contained kinetic energy. We know this.

Poltergeists are another example.

So if I can find a way to turn kinetic energy into an engine I could create a car you thought to your destination.

Does that sound nuts? One step closer to teleportation though because not only would you use YOUR energy to create the power to drive your vehicle it would lock itself into place so you’d never get lost, and your pineal gland would enhance exponentially to the point where you’d eventually time slip.

Using the modern technology available in cars today your also never crash making it safe to time slip.

By time slipping you’d end up teleporting. Right?

I mean in theory right?

That’s what my time slips are. We do it when we sleep, I just do it awake.

But I’m teaching this and others are experiencing it so this CAN be done.

I want to learn about engines to look at ways to try and harness kinetic energy. 100% organic and doesn’t hurt the planet and has zero emissions.

There are two main issues though.

How to harness enough to power an engine without it affecting the passengers and what to use to contain the energy once it’s created enough to store.

It just takes a very disciplined person to harness the ability though which means there would be about 10 drivers on the entire road lol

But I know it sounds nuts but it’s a pretty cool thought though aye?

A telekinetic Engine.

You heard it here first people lol

Or did you just witness my mind snap?

It’s all just a manipulation of frequency and creating atoms from it that then create energy…..right?

How hard can it be?


Smh* I couldn’t of just been a person that did a normal thing aye?