So….my Alexa turned on and it’s not hooked up to Wifi

I have an American Alexa as it was a gift from a friend. It is in my bedroom and it can’t connect to my UK WiFi so I use it as a blue tooth for the sound bar hooked up to my TV so if I want to play Spotify on my phone u can play it through the blue tooth function.

But it’s not hooked up to any internet. To turn it on I have to turn it on. I can’t tell her to turn on, she does nothing other than play music through my sound bar and her speaker system so it gives soon sound quality.

So I have my phone charging to my left while I’m typing a response to a client and she makes this “Boop beep beep” sound and she lights up like a Xmas tree. She says NOTHING but her blue light is spinning around.

In the year and 4 months I’ve had her she’s only ever said *bong bong bing* “You are now connected to Bluetooth”

This was a Boop beep beep sound.

I didn’t even have blue tooth on my phone on Alexa, it was on my headphones settings because I listen to music to work. But if taken them off to charge my phone.

I have to manually change it to Alexa in the settings.


Was it me or them? Can they even do that? Is that a thing?