My observation on sexuality and why I think it’s normal to be Transgender (explicit content)

This is just an observation based on my study of sex, sexuality, anatomy and biology.

It’s a theory not fact so don’t hate me. Just hear me out.

But you know how I say everything in the universe needs a balance? Grey is the balance between black and white for example. The soil is the balance between the seed and the flower.

Well I think Transgender people are the balance between gay and straight, also male and female. That’s why they do it all so well.

Gay, and Transgender people are the balance and beautiful of all the love there is in the world in one body.

A lesbian will have the strength of a man and ability to make her family feel safe. They’re masculine approach to the feminine is something straight men admire and they know how to touch boobs. Women know what a woman likes and how because we like sex with someone we are in love with too ya know. Women get given a bad rap for not being sexual like men, when we are. Firstly our tits aren’t radio dials or playdoh. Their glands just like your balls. Treat them with respect. It’s not 1942 and your not trying to pick up Russia on the wireless lol well a lesbian has that balance down better than either male or female.

A gay man has the feminine aspect where they see beauty both esthetically and internally. They aren’t afraid to announce their arrival, women do it too. When a woman looks good she KNOWS she looks good and she announced herself to a room. Well gay men announce themselves to the world everyday and I LOVE how unafraid they are now. A gay man knows erogenous.

Then we have our Queens and Kings. The bravest in my opinion.

The least accepted, least understood of the perfect balance between beauty and beast. The divine and the deviant, pleasure and pain, make, female, masculine, feminine and in the Polynesian islands where I’m from we call them Twin Souls.

Because they are the balance of both sexes and to island people they are special. Embraced.

This is why gay men are the best at fashion and style. They’re the trend setters and wave makers of this world. Influential beyond reproach. Hated and revered with jealous lust from those who mingle in their circle. The ones everyone wants to claim to know. They’re cool.

They have been soldiers their entire lives fighting with an apron on, defying religion, family, social expectation and braved the front, guns blazing, every day they woke up wanting to be who they know they were born to be.

However I’m not a fan of parents who encourage their child to trans before the age of 8/9 because all kids go through a stage of not seeing sexuality as a thing and don’t really feel drawn to one of the other until puberty age.

That’s why the teenage years are the most most important stage of a humans life. It’s the transition between being a Spirit and being an Adult. That’s why it’s called Adolescence (the essence of adulthood). Getting a taste for being an adult. Society has taken over where your parents left off.

And this is when we begin to define ourselves especially in sexuality because it’s when we lose our virginity (statistically) and feel the need to assert our presence in the world as individuals. And our sexuality is a huge part of finding our individuality.

And as someone who grew up around the LGBT community it’s the Queen’s who have the hardest battle. Because they have to fight the prejudice on all sides. Be it sexual or gender, the trans community are the epitome of what a man AND woman should be.

They’re the perfect blend of both worlds. Gay, straight, masculine, feminine, male, female.

And I think our biology itself explains why.

If you look at the male and female anatomy and more specifically the clitoris.

When you have a female with a large one it is essentially a penis. It looks like a penis and has a foreskin. It’s called a hood but it’s basically foreskin isn’t it? They’re called hoods on boys too.

That’s why women with large clitoris look masculine in appearance. Upon their conception at the time of developing what gender they wanted to be they couldn’t decide and changed their mind when deciding on whether to be make it female. Then the female genes too over and thus a female was born.

But the genes that grew the start of a penis were still there so it became a clitoris instead. Women with large clitoris tend to be hairy and masculine in appearance and are almost always bi sexual or lesbian.

Because they still have some of the male in there.

But if you look at a woman’s vagina, the lips are where the scrotum would be on a boy. They just didn’t get filled with testicles because they became ovaries.

The seam of a scrotum is the line on a vagina.

And the clitoris is at the top like a penis like balls would be next to a penis.

But don’t confuse biology with sexuality. They’re two different things.

The biology of a person is based on their generic ability to reproduce. Would you produce a sperm or an egg. We can’t do both but anything else that involves a laboratory isn’t biological it’s chemical and they’re not the same nor is it healthy from a biological stand point.

But I knew transgender parents on my side of the world long before it was ever fashionable to know what Transgender was.

But if you look at a Transgender person. Them heels, the precision of putting together a performance or show, the attention to detail, flawless make up, the sass. That’s a woman. The strength to stand and be counted. The ability to get themselves back out there, the comradary, the steering adversity in the face, not taking shit, that’s all male.

Women take far too much shit. Women tolerate far more than they should and we had allowed ourselves to be spoken for but slowly women broke through and now we run empires.

Transgender people even have T and Shade down like a woman. The sass, the mouths, lol but let’s be honest, when a Queen gives a straight man sass it’s called Entertainment, if a straight girl did the same thing it’s called abuse lol

Sissy is a word of honour I think. Have you been a sissy walk? Damn!!

I don’t know any man confident with his own sexuality who is afraid of a Queen but I know far too many who are terrified of the straight ones.

I love sex. I’m a Scorpio, so it’s all I think about lol it’s life to me. It’s not for pleasure to me, it’s to live. I think I need help to be honest lol but I’m a Scorpio. Sex is what I am not what I do.

I myself love men. My experiences have all been with men. My husband is my golden chalice. He is everything to me and when I’m in love I’m loyal to the death. He’s perfect in every ways except he has feelings and wants to talk lol that annoys me. I just want him to look pretty and not talk lol

He’s always yelling at me. He’s 26 going on 71. He’s like my Father. He makes me have to be growed up and sponsible.

But since I lost weight I’m becoming more sexual. I’m feeling connected to him on a deeper level that makes me want to explore myself so much more.

He loved me fat but he’s hot. And I don’t just mean “oh your husband is cute” kinda hot, I mean when my women folk see him they say “Oh wow” lol like “oh wow if that crusty old grumpy bitch can tap that there’s hope for me yet” oh wow lol

But because of that fact, I wanted to be more to him sexually than just rolling me in flour to find the wet patch, spanking my ass from behind and riding the waves of fat like he’s on a Hawaiian surfing holiday. Lol

So I’ve been getting healthy (not just for him but he’s the carrot dangled in front of me lol) and it’s made me want to do bad things to him the more healthy I get. So I’ve been looking at what it is to be a heterosexual female who wants to give this beautiful husband of mine and the best of what I can be for him sexually.

Which basically at this point boils down to this. If the best of what I am so far was porn it would only be available in Asia on the black market.

But if you look at a penis, it’s a clitoris. The balls are the lips but instead of testicles it turned into muscle.

How perfect is the human body?

At some point in our evolution our bodies had to decide, Mummy or Daddy, Male or Female, Gay, Straight, and the transgender are when the two can’t decide and become the perfect balance of both.

Making gay, trans, straight the true sexuality.

There are exceptions but I’m talking biologically speaking.

That’s why some straight people like anal sex.

It’s biological on some level because at one point in our biological evolution in the womb we were both, we would of had sex with both if we chose one way over another.

But then something triggers a preference.

And you can say you don’t have a preference but everyone will favour one over the other sexually.

I’ve spoken to Bi people who will say if it came down to it , gun to their head they’re into women, or men more. No-one has said they genuinely couldn’t choose. Even if that decision is based on the fact the one they fell in love with the hardest is the one they would choose as their forever sex.

It’s still choosing a preference.

So there is nothing wrong with a straight man thinking a trans women is pretty, or for a straight women to find another female attractive, it’s why straight women find gay men the most attractive.

They’re everything we want in our straight men lol

It’s because at one point in our development we were both, one in the same, then there was a split in a chromosome.

That’s why straight people can watch all the types of porn lol if they can watch another man or woman of the same sex in an aroused state having sex, it’s biological not homoerotic lol it’s normal. It’s just your the ones more likely to experiment with both sexes because your aroused by the pleasure not the partner.

I myself don’t like porn. I’d prefer to be having sex than watching it and women’s vagiants (my son calls it that) look like one of three things.

The Ood, Grumpy Cat or almost deflated balloon. Lol They’re terrifying.

They’re like North Korea, they’re small but scary and once a month they have the ability to get angry for no real reason just because it’s natural being a moody pain in the ass to everyone else around them.

I can only deal with so many females before I want to take to the pipe.

None of what I like involves female bits…….plus….ew….. Smoked sausage over oysters please. To me giving pleasure to my man IS my pleasure. Nothing turns me on more.

But having said that when I was a little girl I loved a boy who I found out was a girl lol I think we’ve all had a “is she a he or she” moment. Once I realised I was like “Ock well……and got a boyfriend instead”. It just wasn’t a thing.

Sex, if done between two consenting people over the age of 18 is a beautiful thing. All mammals do it. Our Bonobo ancestors got it right. Make love not war. Who cares what you want in a sexy time partner. If your both consenting and no-one gets hurt, who cares.

Be who your born to be, fuck who you want to fuck, just follow the rules of a civilized society and be safe.

We have to stop putting labels on things.

It should be “Hi I’m Debbie and this is my husband Martin/boyfriend” or “Hi I’m Debbie and this is my wife/girlfriend Martinella” or “Hi I’m Debbie and I’m single right now”.

That’s showing what the person is to you there in that moment. If I want to switch between the two that’s my business if it’s consenting then who cares. But what I choose is my business.

If it’s not causing you loss or harm I will be whatever I’m born to be.

When a woman has her clitoris stimulated it’s the same as jerking off. Blow jobs are the same just on a tiny penis (clit). Look at an enlarged clitoris and tell me that’s not a penis.

Lol when I was 11 my friend got a video from her Dad’s collection. I couldn’t sleep for 3 days lol my Mum thought I was being picked on again by my sister lol what could I say?

I thought my bits we’re going to be like that when I hit puberty. I was already getting periods so it shows how little kids know and that’s a good thing. I was close to measuring myself and keeping a journal but then I asked my confident and she assured me it wasn’t a an issue I needed to concern myself with from one who grew up changing my nappy lol (thank Blob for big sisters aye). Lol we’re such innocent Souls until the opposite sex gets involved aye? (Or hormones I should say).

I’m the Devil. I really am lol is it wrong that I’m talking like this?

I’m just so fascinated with the evolutionary process of humans and sexuality is a part of that process. I’m just being honest.

Sex is a beautiful journey between two people or 6 or 24 if your that way inclined lol whatever floats your boat. Whatever makes you happy and is between consenting people.

But my sexuality is my journey not yours.

It’s mine to perfect, its my sexual discovery and if you let me be what I am or finding myself to be I will pay you the same respect.

That’s what civilized people do.

None of the rest matters.

Just biology.

That’s what I’ve observed anyway.

However this isn’t in agreement with the theory that the elites are trying emasculate women and feminise men through soy and the hormones in the water, milk and meat etc…..

I’m talking from a biological stand point. What it’s in your chromosomes to be.

Not chemically induced but rather what we evolve to become naturally on an evolutionary standpoint.

So…..there you go. Sorry if I was so graphic. I’m just being honest.

Sex and weed are my greatest joy. My vices, I can’t say no to either at any point lol I am Scorpio lol

I’m totally pathetic and girly though. I find throwing myself at him all the time like a sex ninja.

That’s my take on sex and sexuality any way lol

Sorry for the detail but I find it a fascinating observation and only a Scorpio would be brave enough to talk about sex like this from a Spiritual standpoint.

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