Cloning: This explains Chupacabra/Cattle Mutilation etc…

And where a lot of the “Missing” fit and healthy men and women go.

It’s what the MIB are

This is told to me by “Them”

That is how I know.

Experiments mostly in South America but globally too.

They’ve been experimenting for decades but cloning has been since the 80s.

Native peoples are used a lot because of their pure bloodline.

But they’re playing Blob.

They told me this.

“That which is done to play God artificially shall create a Demon instead”

When I questioned them about the use of the word God they said “The creator of life is God, but God isn’t the creator of life”.

So that’s perfect really. However he meant that evolution is how things get created. A biological, natural occurrence. To create something other than what’s created naturally is an abomination and would never be biological in nature. Nature is the essence of what evolution is.

What laboratories do isn’t natural. It’s not nature. It’s playing God and getting the Devil instead and it can only end badly.

These clips back my claims of what I’m being told.

Thank you to my source for the original clip.