Holy fuck people. They say it’s a hoax but it proves what I’m saying.

There’s a scandal just hit about 60% of the UK meat markets are in trouble for cross contamination and hygiene standards breaches. But WHAT did that little girl JUST tell me?

There’s no smoke without fire. They said the Crisis actor’s theory was a lie too lol

Holy shit…..I’m numb

Cannibal Rituals???? Can anyone help?

The little girl on the road (cannibals?????)

I TOLD you. I told you it’s worse than you think.

Give me a show people. Give me a platform. I’m begging you. Let me be the voice for these children. We have to fix this.

Please……get me out there. Support the cause to help these babies.

I have to do something for them. The dead are screaming, I have to do something. WE have to do something.

Fund, like, share, give me a platform on your show, do something. Be a human doing not a human being.

You still don’t even know the half of it.

Do you see now why this means so much to me?

Why I’m risking everything?

Help me help these babies .

Give them a voice.

I’m so distressed because it means unfortunately I’m not making up any of these claims that these children are turning up telling me this stuff.

I’m truly distressed.

Never will I eat this crap again.