Hollywood prediction Proved my Dead right again. Do you believe me now?

I have been saying they did stuff with the body parts etc….I fuckin hate this.

I hate what I’m seeing. But I can’t stop myself. I’m starting to be watched. I know what they look like. I can’t even get into wordpress on my laptop anymore even with a VPN. It slows my WiFi down so much it times out.

It refuses to work in Twitter and Skype. My app protector shuts off the second I go in.

Please know I do this for the children. No-one else. I work for no-one but the people.

The dead have had enough of the lies and they’re coming forward to be a part of the movement because they don’t evolve until we do.

I’m not crazy people. This is real. What you read here is what I’ve been seeing as a child. Now imagine your children and what they see and no-one is there to teach them how to cope with it.

THAT’S my whole intended purpose. The children. That’s why I do this. To give a voice to those no-one will listen to from the voice no-one hears.

I hear them both. The reason I want to get myself out there is for those babies. All of those babies. The ones you see and the ones I see.

This shit is hard. You can’t even begin to understand what I have to go through physically, mentally and emotionally. Every death, every heartbeat, every thought felt as though it’s me.

THAT is what having a connection to the dead is. It’s a part of you. And I get so angry that so many people take the piss out of this for attention having no clue how it works.

The craft is the most mis-sold lie on the market.

I wish I could tell you I really do but I can’t. With great power comes great responsibility and while we’re still believing that vaccines are safe and our medications help us and guns are killing kids in schools we aren’t no where near responsible for the craft and it’s true powers.

It’s so not what people think it is. I see Witches and laugh. But it’s all sexy now so everyone is a something. Clairaudiychics I call them.

But I get mad because it is making a mockery of what it really is to be around the dead. It’s not all messages from grandmother. In fact 99.9% of the time you feel their death before you feel them. The last thing they remember. But with kids it’s visual as well. You’ll see their death state. They don’t stand around listening in on our conversation because they’re part of the thought.

They don’t NEED to be next to you to be next to you. You must please understand how energy works, conscious energy is so much stronger.

That’s why the technique I developed to cleanse energy works. Because I studied the effects of the magnetism around the bells and pendulums.

I’ve gone through many bells testing them out trust me. Metal ones work far better.

I developed a flawless technique and if done correctly eliminates energy on a lower frequency either from the dead through to stress.

Because it’s all about the manipulation of energy, magnetism and gravity mostly, time too, time is a frequency. The highest frequencies are time, balance, magnetism, momentum, gravity and emotion.

In my body they’re all frequencies. I hear them as such, I feel them physically as a vibration. I’m an Indigo Scorpio Water sign, Maori, Egyptian Celt, Pict, who feels physics as a physical energy of course I was gonna tune in to my Universe lol that’s what a real Witch does.

It does mean Wise after all.

I need to get out there so you can see.

Only by example can you follow my lead to forge your own path.

Help me get out there. Support me any way you can and we will get this party started.

I can’t not be a part of this now. America is screaming my name. People need to see as they look for faith that it’s okay to hear the voices. I can do so much good for the dead’s image. I’m good PR.

Macaulay Culkin Live on French Radio Exposed Disturbing News: Satanic Hollywood Elites “Use” Children During Rituals! I Was Lucky To Escape The Big Screen!

I’m just not even surprised anymore.

But it proves what I’ve been saying right…..is that a good thing or bad thing though?

Should I stop sharing? I don’t want to overwhelm anyone.