Cannibal Rituals???? Can anyone help?

Can anyone tell me if any of the elites have a connection to meat or processed meat factories please.

I know it sounds nuts but I’m following a line of enquiry from my visuals.

The church, celebrities, moguls, elite elites etc…

In plain sight remember.

I think it’s why some people are never found.

I think it’s a ritual thing. It’s what Dahmer was trying to do, what my Maori ancestors did.

But it can be used to gain strength and take strength depending on if the flesh is fed willingly or not.

There’s a balance in the occult too.

Can anyone find out? Processed meats like Spam, Frankfurters, Hamburger, Microwave meals, Sausage etc…. frozen, microwave, oven, fast food, tinned, packaged meat. That sort of thing.

I keep being shown that dream of WV again with the citizen burgers, and dogs etc…….I’ve got to let this vision unfold before I make assumptions because it’s getting pretty dark to be honest.

I am only capable of handling so much as a Human used to death.

But I need to open up lines of enquiry in my head first and if any are connected to what I’m seeing I can follow that line otherwise I’m exposing myself to unnecessary torment from the visual.

In this case I want the whole jigsaw not just pieces of the puzzle. Because the pieces I’m seeing are disturbing.

There’s medicine involved in this too.

But do you remember the Findus microwave meal scandal?

Some of that meat was unidentifiable.

So they allow all sorts into our food.

My gluten allergy forcing me to eat non processed food was a blob send I’m telling you.

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